Going to Be Gone for a Long Time?

Women at the airport looking out the window and text "Going to be gone for a long time?"

When it comes to traveling, you might be the type of person who doesn’t know exactly where you’re going or how long you’re going to be gone. You’re able to flexible, which can be great for those who want to see the world.

When it comes to self-storage, it’s okay if you’re going to be gone for a long time, since you can store items securely for as long as you need. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we offer month-to-month leases on all of our units, so no matter where you’re going or how long you’ll be away, you can rent a space for as long as you need.

There are some things to consider if you’re going to be storing items for a long time. Continue reading for some helpful tips!


1. Pack Things Properly

When packing items, particularly fragile items like plates and dishes, it’s important to make sure they’re packed properly. You don’t want things to break while you’re gone, and if there’s too much weight on a fragile item or you don’t wrap things correctly, they could be damaged while in storage.

Investing in the right boxes, tape, and packing materials can go a long way in protecting your possessions. If you have questions about what to get, then we’ll be more than happy to help!

2. Get Someone to Check on Things

Since you’re not going to be in town, it can be smart to appoint someone local to check on your things every so often. This person can be a friend, relative, or coworker whom you trust to inspect your belongings and make sure everything is good. If you make a list of what’s in your storage unit, then they can refer to it when they open the space. Be sure to talk to one of our staff members so that our team knows someone other than you will be accessing the storage unit.

3. Make a List

Speaking of making a list, it can be a great way to keep track of what’s in your unit. If you’re gone for two or three months, you’re likely not going to remember what’s in each box or what you put in the space right before you left. With a list (either digital or analog), you can look at what you have in storage, and by properly labeling each box or crate, you can find things quickly and easily. You won’t have to open multiple boxes just to find one thing, or spend an hour looking for something, just to remember that it’s sitting at home in the closet.

4. Budget for Storage

You’ve likely put a lot of your money into paying for your trip, and with travel, food, and hospitality expenses, you might be spending quite a bit on your vacation. However, it’s important to budget for your storage costs so that your things remain secure while you’re gone. We offer competitive rates on all of our unit sizes, and with the ability to pay your rent from anywhere in the world, you won’t have to worry about sending a check or having someone else take care of the payments.

If you’re planning to be gone for a long time and you have some items that you want to store, then bring them to one of our metro-area locations today. We’re proud to serve Detroit and the surrounding area, and our staff and resident managers will be more than happy to help you find the right self-storage unit. With monthly leases, you can rent for the time you need, and when you return, you can pick everything up and take it home!

Visit one of our storage centers today to get started. We look forward to meeting you!