Go Through Your Toys This Summer!

Colorful LEGO pieces

With the kids home for the summer, they’ve probably pulled out all of their toys and left some of them strewn about the house. You remind them to pick things up, and while they usually listen, you’re still finding action figures in the bathroom and half-finished puzzles on the dining room table. At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we’re here to help you with your summer storage needs, and one way to keep things organized is to go through all of the cabinets and boxes of toys in your house and decide what’s worth keeping, what could be donated, and what could be put into self-storage. You can include the kids and make it a fun weekday afternoon or weekend activity!

Board Games and Puzzles

Board games and puzzles are usually something that the family does together, whether on a dedicated game night each week, or as something to pass the time on a slow summer afternoon. You may have quite the collection of board games and puzzles, and while everyone in the house has their favorite, there are a few games or puzzles that are rarely touched. They’re taking up space in your living room or family room cabinets, and now could be a good time to decide if they’re worth keeping.

There are often local charities and nonprofits that are looking for games and puzzles in good condition that can be donated to kids who don’t have access to such toys. If you bought a board game, played it once, then put it away, why not consider donating it this summer? The same goes for a puzzle you’ve put together 10 times and the kids are no longer interested in it.

Video Games

Your kids (and you) might love playing video games, and over the years, you’ve amassed quite a collection of titles for various gaming systems. If you grew up playing video games, you may have passed that on to your children, and they now have their favorite games. However, there are likely some games that don’t get played any more, perhaps because the kids have beaten every level or they’ve outgrown the age range of certain titles.

One benefit of having lots of video games is that there is the possibility of making a little extra money by selling some of them. Certain games retain their resale value for many years, so if you have some rare or sought after vintage games, you could potentially sell them for a pretty penny. If you have games that you want to put into storage, we can help you find the perfect climate-controlled space that will protect them for however long you need.

Outdoor Toys

Summer is a time for being outdoors, enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. With this summer looking a bit different than years prior, the outdoor fun might be limited to your property or neighborhood, but you still have toys and games that are perfect for outside. The one obstacle you can run into, however, is not being able to find the outdoor toys and games you want to use because they’re buried under a pile of stuff.

You and the kids want to use the bikes and skateboards, along with lawn and yard games, but what about all those outdoor items you no longer need? You could see if a neighbor has a young child who could benefit from a bike or scooter, or you could donate some things you no longer use to a local charity.

Rent Self-Storage Today

As you’re going through your toys and games this summer, you might come across items you forgot you owned, including some favorites from your childhood. If you have anything you want to put into storage for safekeeping, then our team can help you find the perfect spot. With multiple locations across the Pittsburgh area, we can provide you with an affordable and convenient self-storage unit that you can access on any day of the week. We have various unit sizes to choose from, and our staff will show you which ones are available and help you decide between a standard and a climate-controlled space. If you have any questions, we’ll be more than happy to answer them.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!