Getting Your Garage Ready for Summer

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If you’re someone who loves working in the garage during the summer, then it’s important to make sure the space is ready for the season. All winter long, you put things in the garage for safekeeping, and now that spring is here, you may have started to go through those boxes and tubs. If not, you might make a plan to tackle a section of the garage each weekend until summer arrives. At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we can help you find a self-storage unit for anything that needs to be moved out of the garage until summer is over.

Holiday Decorations

You may not have gotten around to taking down the holiday decorations until the middle of January, and once everything was boxed up, you stuck each box in the garage. While this might be your normal process, you may have plans to use the garage this summer to work on cars, finish projects for the house, and so on. If that shelving unit that holds all of your holiday decor needs to move, then it might be best to put those boxes into a nearby self-storage space.

Extra Tools

For anyone who works in the garage during the summer, it’s important to have the right tools for every job. Someone who works on cars, for example, needs a reliable set of wrenches, screwdrivers, and precision tools. For DIY carpenters and remodelers, they need hammers, saws, and other construction-related tools. When it comes to tools you won’t be needing this summer, why not box them up and store them for the season, keeping them safe and out of the way? Should you decide you need a certain set of tools, or you’re switching from one project to another, you can pick up your box of tools from your storage unit and put other tools away!

Moving Vehicles

You’ve kept your car or truck parked in the garage all winter and spring, but once summer arrives, you can move vehicles out of the way to give yourself more space to work. If you have a second car or truck that you don’t drive too often, self-storage can be an ideal alternative to parking the vehicle in the driveway or trying to find another spot on your property that will suffice. Motorcycles and ATVs are also good candidates for storage, since you’ll only be taking those out on the weekends during the summer. If you’re going to be working on your motorcycle or ATV in the garage, then you can move your secondary car or truck into storage, making more space for yourself. You’ll also create more room for the kids’ bikes, the lawnmower, and other things you and the family will be using during the summer months.

Reserve a Storage Unit Today

At EZ Storage®, we love helping people get their garages ready for the summer by providing affordable and convenient storage options. If you have boxes of holiday decorations or extra tools, or you have a vehicle that you want to store, visit one of our metro-area locations today to see what units are available.

We look forward to helping you!