Getting the Most Use Out of Your Self-Storage Space

Garage full of storage boxes and other items with EZ Storage logo and text "Getting the Most Use Out Of Your Self-Storage Space"

Most of us don’t have a lot of extra money in our bank accounts. So when you rent a self-storage space from EZ Storage, you want to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Our facility in St. Louis put together these tips to help you make sure you are getting the most use out of every square inch of space. Check them out and see if you can put them to work in your storage unit!

How to Get the Most Storage Out of Your Self-Storage Unit

Use Shelving

It’s a smart idea to bring in your own shelving when you are storing a lot of smaller items or boxes. These will help you keep things organized and prevent you from having to completely unload the unit to get to a box that’s at the bottom of the pile. If you are storing clothing, purchase an inexpensive clothing rack to hang items up on and then cover. You can use furniture that you are storing as storage shelves, too, especially items like dressers and bookshelves.

Label Clearly

Having a storage unit doesn’t do you any good if you can’t find what you need once it’s in there. Before anything goes into the unit, make sure that the box or container that it is in is clearly labeled. If you really love to be organized, use color-coded tape to indicate what kind of item it is; for example, all clothing boxes can be labeled in pink tape while all holiday decor is green tape, etc. This will help you find items much faster when visiting your self-storage unit.

Stack Smart

A lot of people think their storage space is too small when in reality they simply need to be more efficient with the space that they have. Don’t assume you are out of space because the floor is full; that just means it’s time to look up. You might simply need to stack things higher but do it safely. We recommend plastic bins a lot not only because they are better for long-term storage, but because they are so much better for stacking inside the storage unit. Plastic bins give you a uniform shape to stack plus you’ll be able to see the contents inside easily.

Keep a List

Know what’s in your storage unit. It’s amazing what people put into storage and then forget about over the years! Keep a list at home with an overview of what’s in your storage unit. You don’t need to list every item of clothing or every Christmas ornament you’ve ever purchased, but you can write down “Girls clothing 0-3 months” and “Barbie Holiday Ornament collection” so both you and your family know what’s there. That way when you are searching for something, you can consult the list and see if it’s in your unit without having to pay an unnecessary visit.

Clean Annually

We highly recommend cleaning out your storage unit once a year! Not only does this prevent dust from accumulating, you’ll be able to verify that items are nicely stored and are free from any damage. It’s a good reminder about what’s in your unit, too, and you can decide if the items that are there are still needed or if they can be donated or sold. Make it part of your spring cleaning routine!


Other Tips to Get the Most From Self-Storage Units

  • Re-evaluate your storage space size annually. If you are only taking up about half of the space, you might be able to downsize. If you are struggling to get anything else inside, then it might be time to step up to the next bigger unit.
  • Box up everything neatly before it goes into the unit. If you just toss stuff in there, it will be hard to find when you need it again and could get damaged while it’s in storage.
  • Look for climate-controlled storage units. They are easier on your items, especially if you plan on storage things on a long-term basis.

We Have the Self-Storage Unit You Need

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