Getting Your Seasonal Items Out of Storage

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September is now here, and that means your attention is turning to fall weather, the upcoming holidays, and more time spent with family. If you have seasonal items in a self-storage unit, now is the time to retrieve them so you can get organized before your hectic fall schedule kicks into gear. At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we’re proud to offer affordable solutions for everyone who walks through the door, no matter if they need a unit for a few months or the entire year. In this blog, we’ll look at some tips to follow when getting your things out of storage.

Open Everything Up

dreamstime_xxl_16649785It doesn’t matter if you’re getting your winter coats and snow gear out of your unit, or you’re picking up fall decorations, it’s important to open every box and check the condition of each item. You’ll want to check clothing for damage and your autumn decor to see if everything is still intact, and it also provides an opportunity to sort through everything. Your son or daughter may have grown quite a bit over the past year, and their cold-weather clothing may not fit as well as it used to. You can have them try things on at home before you put clothes into the “donate” pile, but that can be better than holding onto something for another season.

Switching Things Out

As you take fall and winter boxes out of your storage space, it’s the ideal time for putting those spring and summer boxes into the unit. Hopefully you’ve labeled everything clearly so you don’t end up coming home with a box of swimwear and pool toys, and having a “map” or diagram of your storage unit can help you keep everything organized. Start by removing all the boxes and tubs that you know you’ll be taking home, and then begin placing those spring and summer items into the space. There may be some things you want to leave in the unit, and moving them to the back will create room for all the new boxes you need to store.

Unpacking at Home

Once you’ve loaded everything into your car or truck and driven home, the next step is to unpack and organize your items. Taking everything into the rooms they belong can make the process much easier, such as putting your boxes of decor in the living or dining room. If you have bins of clothes, put them in their respective bedrooms or closets and let the person they belong to take charge of putting everything away. Anything you don’t plan to use right away, but you’ll need in a few weeks, can be stashed in the garage or basement for easy access.


If you’re looking forward to fall weather, football, and other things that come with the season, make sure you have everything you need by retrieving your seasonal items today. If you need a new self-storage unit, stop by one of our Pittsburgh locations and a member of our team will help you find the ideal space.

We look forward to meeting you!