Getting Your Recreational Vehicles Ready for Summer

Man riding atv with text "Getting Your Recreational Vehicles Ready for Summer"

It may only be the beginning of April, but now is the perfect time to begin thinking about your summer plans. Perhaps you and the family are going to take a vacation, or maybe you’re going to look for something fun to do around St. Louis. There are plenty of outdoor activities to do during the summer months, and if you have recreational vehicles such as jet skis or ATVs, now is the time to get them ready. If they’ve been sitting in your garage all winter, you’ll want to make sure they’re tuned up and ready to go, with new oil, gas, and any replacement parts they need. If you need a better place to store your recreational vehicles, EZ Storage® is here to help!

Fun on the Water

dreamstime_xxl_11568707Jet skiing can be a great summer activity, and if you’re headed to Horseshoe Lake in Illinois or another lake in the area, it’s important to find a safe space to store your water toys when you’re not using them. You most likely only take them out on the weekends, and if you don’t have the space to keep them on your property (or your HOA doesn’t allow you to keep jet skis on your property), you can find the ideal storage space at one of our area facilities. We have a variety of unit sizes available, so if you need to store your jet skis, life jackets, and other watersport accessories, you can find the space or it all.

Fun in the Dirt

If you spend most of your summer on the ATV trail, you can’t wait until the weather is nice enough for a weekend ride. You might head down to Sullivan to ride the trails or you may have a friend or relative who lets you ride on their rural property, but whatever the case may be, it’s important to have a secure space to store your vehicles when you’re not riding. One of our larger storage units can be the ideal alternative to parking your ATV on your property or leaving the vehicle on the trailer all week long.

Accessible Storage Options

dreamstime_4885671Since you only use your recreational vehicles on the weekend, you want to be able to access your storage unit on Saturdays and Sundays. While other storage companies may have limited weekend access, you can visit your EZ Storage® unit between 7:00am and 9:00pm on any day of the week. If you want to come get your ATV or jet skis at 8:00pm on a Friday so you’re ready to go Saturday morning, you can! When you’re finished on the water or the trails on Sunday afternoon, you’ll still have time to bring your vehicles back to your unit and safely store them for the week.

Our monthly storage leases make it easy to store your recreational vehicles for the season, and now that warmer weather is on its way, you may not need storage until fall returns. If you’re looking for seasonal storage for the colder months, or you don’t have anywhere to park your vehicles for the summer, we can help. Visit one of our St. Louis locations today to learn more!