Getting Ready to Move This Spring?

Man pushing a women with her arms up inside a box

No matter how many times you’ve moved in your life, you may not ever feel ready for another relocation. If your job requires you to move often, or you’re constantly moving between different apartments due to rent or lease requirements, then you know how important it is to pack appropriately. At EZ Storage®, we can help you find the perfect self-storage in Philadelphia, and we’ll keep your belongings safe for as long as you need.

You Don’t Have to Move Everything

If you move a lot, then you may have pared down your belongings so that you only have the essential items in your home. From your furniture to the clothes in the closet, you only own what you need to own, and nothing more. However, there may be some boxes in the back of the closet or in the guest room that hold special items. You move these boxes every time because you want to hold on to these items, but you rarely open them.

By putting these boxes into a storage unit, you can keep them safe, and you won’t have to move them the next time you relocate. You’ll save yourself time and energy, and you’ll know those boxes of special items are protected.

Settling Into Your New Home

As you settle into your new home, you may find that you don’t have room for everything that was in your previous home. The furniture may have to be rearranged, and there could be pieces that don’t fit the way you want them to. As you’re arranging and organizing, don’t be afraid to store some things until you feel comfortable with the layout. If you have seasonal items such as outdoor gear or winter clothing, putting those things into self-storage can free up space for things you’re going to use this spring and summer.

You may also want to keep your attic and garage from getting overwhelmed with stuff so that you can use those spaces for other purposes. By renting a storage unit, you can keep your home free of clutter and open to do whatever you’d like to do, whether that’s turning the attic into an office or guest room, or working on your vintage cars and motorcycles in the garage.

Find Storage Today

If you’re planning to move some time this spring, then let EZ Storage® help you find self-storage today. We’re proud to serve the entire city of Philadelphia and the surrounding area, and with four locations (and a fifth facility to open soon in Warrington), you can find a unit that’s close to home.

We have both standard and climate-controlled spaces at all of our locations, with some locations offering full climate control throughout the facility. The staff members and resident managers at each of our storage centers will gladly answer any questions you have about our units, our facilities, and anything else related to our business. Above all, we want your move to go smoothly and for you to have peace of mind about your belongings.

We look forward to helping you!