Getting Ready for Back-to-School Time

Three young students in uniform with folders in hands

Even though July isn’t quite over yet, parents, teachers, and students across the St. Louis area are getting ready for back-to-school time. With the beginning of the semester approximately a month away for most schools, now is the time when families begin preparing for a new year of learning. At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we know how both exciting and stressful this next month could be, and if you need self-storage for summer toys, clothes, or anything else, then we’re here to help. Visit us today to learn more!

Put Away the Summer Toys

Your summer may have been filled with outdoor fun that included bikes, water toys, and more. Now that the season is coming to an end, at least from the perspective of free time during summer break, it could be a good idea to start putting some items away.

The garage is a great spot for bikes and other outdoor toys, but if you have larger items such as kayaks, tubes, and other things that you used in the pool or on the lake this summer, then a storage unit might be a better option. Instead of trying to make room in the garage or storing things outside during the fall and winter, you can keep your summer toys protected inside a well-built space at one of our metro-area locations.

Organize The Kids’ Bedrooms

If your kids aren’t the best at keeping their rooms clean during the summer, then now is a great time to get a head start on organizing everything before school starts. If their desk is piled high with toys and games, then spend a few hours on a Saturday helping them put things away on shelves or in the closet.

If there are summer clothes that they aren’t going to be wearing again until next year, then box those up and bring them to your self-storage unit. Instead of trying to fit everything into the closet next to your kids’ school clothes and fall outfits, you can have more space for what they’re going to wear over the next few months. You may also be going shopping for new clothes before school starts, and you’ll need the closet space!

Get School Supplies!

You may absolutely love getting school supplies with your kids, and they may love picking out new pencils, folders, and a backpack. Once you have everything they need, it can be good to organize it all for the first day of school, ensuring that they know where everything is and that they don’t leave anything behind when they get on the bus or you drop them off that first morning.

If you have old school supplies, then make room for the new ones by donating any items that could still be used by other students. Unopened packs of pencils or pens, along with new or gently used folders, are often accepted by local charities that gather supplies for underprivileged students.

Find Storage Today

As you’re getting ready for back-to-school time this year, let EZ Storage® help you store anything that you need to keep safe. Whether it’s summer toys or summer clothes, we can provide you with an affordable and accessible storage space that protects everything for as long as you need. With month-to-month leases on every unit, you can rent for the fall and winter, and then take everything home in the spring.

With three locations across St. Louis, and a fourth to open soon near Ballwin, we can help you find the storage solutions that work for you. Visit one today to see what units are available.

We look forward to meeting you!