Getting New Winter Gear This Year?

Person on snow board with helmet, gloves and goggles spraying up snow as he turns.

Now that December is here, you might be looking forward to the arrival of winter and all the fun that the season has to offer. Perhaps you’re planning a ski trip this year, or you’re finally going to try snowshoeing for the first time. Whatever the case may be, if you’re thinking about getting new gear for the winter sports season, then now is the time to start looking!

At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we can help you find a self-storage unit for any of that old winter gear that you need to get out of the house, as well as your new gear once the season is over. Visit one of our metro-area locations today to learn more!

Coats and Jackets

Everyone needs a reliable winter coat or jacket, especially if they’re going to be outside in the cold and snow. If your old ski jacket has seen better days, then why not upgrade this season? You might be able to find great deals during this time of year, or you can put it on your wish list and see if someone buys it for you for the holidays!

As for those old coats and jackets, you might need somewhere to store them for a few months. You’re going to be making room in the closet for your new apparel, and boxing up and putting old items into storage can keep them out of the way until you’re able to give them to someone else or donate them to charity. With a small storage unit from one of our facilities, you can keep everything safe for as long as you need!

Skis and Snowboards

If hitting the slopes is an annual tradition in your family, then this might be the year that you finally buy that new snowboard or that new pair of skis. You’ve been using the same gear for several years now, and you’re tired of paying to have the bindings repaired every season. With new skis or a new snowboard, you can really enjoy this year’s snowy season and all the fresh powder on the mountain.

One of the biggest challenges, however, can be finding somewhere to store your skis and snowboards once the slopes are closed for the season. While that might be a couple of months away, it’s never a bad idea to plan ahead and decide where you’re going to store everything. The garage is an option, but if you’re tight on space there, then an affordable storage unit can be the next best thing. We can show you what we have available and help you decide which unit size will be the best!

Seasonal Storage

You’re obviously going to be using your outdoor gear during the winter, so it doesn’t make much sense to pay for storage now. With our month-to-month leases, you can pay for seasonal storage when you need it, such as during the spring and summer. Once fall rolls around again next year, you can retrieve your winter gear and get it ready for the next snowy season. Who knows? There might be a nice snowfall in early October or November next year, meaning you can hit the slopes earlier than normal!

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As winter grows closer, you might be thinking about where you can store some items once the season is over. If you have coats, jackets, skis, snowboards, or any other type of outdoor gear that you want to keep safe, then visit one of our locations today. We’re proud to serve the people of Pittsburgh, and our staff members and resident managers are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you soon!