Storage Tips for Getting a New Roommate This Winter

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If you’re a college student or young professional, then chances are you have a roommate. You might be living in a dorm room or shared apartment, but for the time being, you enjoy living with other people. You want to move out on your own at some point, but for now it makes sense to share rent and other living expenses with someone else. However, one of the drawbacks of having a roommate is that he or she may have to move out due to graduation, a new job, or another life change. When that happens, it’s often necessary to find someone to replace them, which means getting a new roommate with new stuff. At EZ Storage®, we’re here to help you store those items you need to move out to make room for someone new.

Self-Storage Options When You Need That Third Bedroom

Man holding moving box and woman in backgroundPerhaps your current roommate is staying put, but someone new is coming to live with you to help with the cost of rent, utilities, and the like. While you’ve been using that third bedroom for a media room or storage room for a few months or longer, you now need it to function as a bedroom. That means you’ll have to move things around to make the necessary space, since you want your new roommate to feel welcome when he or she arrives. If you have boxes of stuff or extra furniture in the spare bedroom, it can make sense to find an affordable self-storage unit for everything. You’ll have the room you need, and you’ll know that your belongings are safe and sound!

Short-Term Storage Solutions for New Roommates

If your new roommate is only going to live with you for the spring semester or until he or she finds a job or a permanent place to live, you may not think that storage is a viable option. However, no matter how long someone will be living with you, it can make the experience much more enjoyable if the house or apartment isn’t stuffed to the gills with your stuff and their stuff. Take the time to talk to your new roommate before he or she moves in, and decide together on what can be brought into the residence and what can be put in storage. With our month-to-month leases, it can be easy to find a unit for the short term and not have to worry about paying for time you don’t need.

Splitting the Cost of Storage with New Roommates

dreamstime_xxl_570743If you and your current roommate already have a self-storage space, it can make sense to offer a portion of it to your new roommate. If your current roommate is moving out, you can offer their half of the unit to the new person, making it easy for him or her to store belongings and create more space at home. It’s important to talk about storage costs up front, so that nobody is surprised by how the rate is split. You’ll also want to discuss what’s already in the unit and what type of things can be added to the space.

Living with roommates can be great, especially if they are good friends who you have known for years. If someone is moving out and someone new is moving in, or you’re adding a third person to help with expenses, be sure to consider self-storage as a viable option to keep the house or apartment manageable and clutter free. At EZ Storage®, we’re always here to help you find the best and most affordable solutions. We’ll make sure that your belongings are well protected for as long as you need.

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