Get the Most Out of Your Garage This Fall

Close up of garage window sill and cleaning supplies with texrt "Get the most out of your garage this fall"

With October nearly here, you’ll likely be parking your car in the garage as much as you can over the next four to five months. If you and your spouse both have a vehicle that needs to be inside when it’s raining or snowing this fall and winter, then it’s important to make sure you have all the space you need. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can help you find the ideal self-storage unit for all of those items that you need to move out of the garage so that you can park safely until warmer weather returns.

Get Those Summer Items Out of the Way

dreamstime_11837907If you’ve spent the last few weekends cleaning up the backyard, then you may have bikes, pool toys, and other summer-related items taking up space in your garage. You put them in there to get them out of the way, but when you go to pull the car inside for the weekend, you find that the inflatable pool is in the way. The same goes for your patio furniture – you want to put everything away for the winter, but you don’t want to give up a parking space in the garage to do so. Renting a storage unit can be the best way to store your belongings and keep your garage open for its intended purpose – protecting your vehicles.

Put Away the Motorcycle or Jet Ski

You may have spent all summer riding the highways of Michigan on your new motorcycle, or crashing through the waves of your favorite lake on your new jet ski. Now that fall has returned, it’s time to park those vehicles for the season. The garage is an option, but if you have two full-size cars, or a car and a truck, then leaving your recreational vehicle there likely isn’t the best scenario. One of our secure storage spaces can protect your smaller vehicles until spring returns and you’re ready to ride once again.

Invest in Wall and Ceiling Storage

dreamstime_xxl_22823237Once you’ve stored those larger items in your storage unit, you may still have things in the way inside the garage. Investing in wall and ceiling storage can create the space you need to pull both cars into the garage at the end of the day. Wall cabinets can house the leaf blower and lawn trimmer, while bikes can be hung from ceiling hooks. Depending on the size and configuration of your garage, you may be able to put larger items like canoes or kayaks up in the rafters. Make sure they’re secure, though, since the last thing you want is for something to fall onto one of your cars and damage it.

If you’re interested in learning more about our self-storage units in Detroit, then visit one of our locations today. We have eight facilities across the greater metro area, and each one has staff members who can help you choose the appropriate unit for your belongings. Our newest location is on Southfield Road, so if you’re in Southfield, Berkley, Bloomfield Hills, or the surrounding area, you can find a unit that’s close to home!

Every unit in our facilities is available on a month-to-month basis, so you can rent for as long as you need. Be sure to ask about special deals and discounts at your nearest location, such as a free* move-in truck or $1 move-in**. The staff and resident managers will be able to answer your questions, and our state-of-the-art security system will keep an eye on your things for as long as they’re at the facility.

We look forward to helping you!


*At participating locations. Some restrictions apply.
**On select unit sizes. Call for details.