Get Into the Swing of Things This Fall

Close up of a woman's feet, wearing leather boots, standing in a road with fallen leaves

Even though it’s not officially fall yet, you may have already begun acclimating to your fall schedule. You might be back in school after summer break, or you may have started a new job after taking the summer to travel and see friends and family. Whatever the case may be, EZ Storage® in Philadelphia knows that it can be difficult, especially at first, to get into the swing of things. We’re here to offer affordable self-storage units for anyone who needs one, so if you have things that you need to store this fall, then visit one of our metro-area locations today!

Make a Daily Schedule

One way to help yourself get used to the busyness of the season is to make a schedule that breaks down your daily activities. You can get as granular as you want, such as scheduling the same 15 to 20 minutes each morning for breakfast. You can also write in hours for when you’ll be at work or school, and not have to worry about what you’re doing every half hour or so. The details are up to you, but having a schedule that you stick every day can help you feel more at ease about all you have to do.

Once you have a schedule for each day, complete with meals, errands, and more, you can adhere to it each week. For example, if you know you’ll be in class from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. every Monday, then you can schedule other things around those times!

Make More Space for Yourself

Another way to feel more at ease as life gets a bit more hectic is to clear out some of the physical space in your life. If your bedroom or closet feel cluttered, then take a look at what you can get rid of. If your home office is overflowing with papers and receipts, then take a day or two and go through everything. As you organize, you can set things aside for storage or donation, with everything else going into the trash or recycling bin.

One space that can be worth cleaning out during the fall is the garage. You might like to work on projects in the garage during the colder months of the year, and if you don’t have enough room for all of your tools and materials, then it might be time to clear out those items that have been sitting around since last fall. You’ll also need space to park your car or truck inside once the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter.

Make Time for Yourself

As you’re making daily schedules and clearing out the clutter in the house, it’s important to make time for yourself as well. You can add fun activities to your schedule, or you can simply see what type of opportunities arise throughout the season. You may have a friend who asks you to go on a quick road trip some weekend, or there may be a sporting event or class that you want to attend on the spur of the moment. Whatever the case may be, making time for yourself can help you avoid stress that’s brought on by this time of year.

Visit Us Today

As fall approaches and you think about getting into the swing of things, we hope you’ll remember us for all your self-storage needs. If you have boxes that are taking up space or you want to clear out a certain room in order to rethink its layout and design, then we’ll be here to help. We have multiple facilities across the greater Philadelphia area, and each one is designed to help make your storage experience as easy and as stress-free as possible.

We look forward to seeing you soon!