Get Those Boxes Out of Your Basement

Stack of taped up moving boxes

The basement is often the forgotten or unused part of the house, except when it’s used to store those boxes of extra belongings that don’t fit in your upstairs closets. You may continue adding things to your storage space, until one day, you realize there’s no more room. You might have plans to renovate your basement, turning it into usable living space, but until you move those boxes out, your plans will be on hold. Whether you’re building a man cave, adding more bedrooms, or creating a large family room, your basement can be a functional and beautiful space. If you need somewhere to store those boxes, contact or visit EZ Storage® in Detroit today!

Protect Against Damage

dreamstime_xxl_1487931One risk you can encounter when you store things in your basement is water damage. If the walls aren’t sealed or the foundation shifts, water can find its way inside following a heavy rain or snow. If you have cardboard boxes stacked near or against the wall, the boxes and the things inside could be damaged, and the only thing you can do is throw them away. Mold and mildew are also an issue wherever water is present, and when renovating your basement, you’ll want to make sure these aren’t present in your home. If you do have boxes that are damaged by water, you’ll want to move the items inside to another container and store those containers in a different spot. A self-storage unit can be the ideal option, even if it’s only for a few months while you upgrade your basement.

Warm and Cold

Certain parts of your basement may be colder than others, and fragile belongings can be damaged if they’re exposed to cold for too long. This difference in warm and cold is most likely due to improper insulation, and that can be another upgrade you can make during your basement remodel. Moving those fragile or sensitive items out of your basement and into storage can often be the best way to protect them, and you can always move them back in once your renovations are finished. If you’re going to be using the basement as an extended living space, you’ll want to make sure the insulation and HVAC is up to par (as well as up to code).

Don’t Store Things in the Utility Room

dreamstime_15990439Even though it may be a large space, it’s important to never store too many things in the utility room. Your furnace and water heater need plenty of clear space around them, and you don’t want your precious belongings (or your home) going up in flames because you stored a box too close to the heating system. If you’re running out of storage space and you’re tempted to put things in the utility room, come to EZ Storage® instead. We’ll help you find the best unit at an affordable price!

If you’re renovating your basement or you don’t have any more storage space in your lower level, come to one of our Detroit-area locations to find a suitable solution for however long you need.

We look forward to helping you!