Four Things to Consider When Renting a Storage Unit for the First Time

An empty hallway with outdoor storage garages lining the walls

There could be a number of reasons why you need a storage unit, and no matter the case, EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh can help you find the ideal space. You may be getting ready to move, you may have someone moving in with you, or you may have precious antiques you need to store, but whatever the situation, there are four things to consider before renting a unit – price, location, amenities, and security.


dreamstime_l_27669109This can be the most important aspect to many people, and finding the right price can often help someone make the decision to rent a storage unit. The unit may not be as close to their house as another storage facility, but they’re okay driving five to 10 extra minutes if they’re saving $20 to $30 each month. At EZ Storage®, we offer competitive pricing on all of our units, and we can help you find the right size for your belongings. We can also suggest the appropriate size for the volume of things you have. You may want to pay less for a smaller storage unit, but it won’t help if you can’t fit everything into it!


Some people aren’t as concerned with price as they are with location. They don’t want to have to drive 30 to 45 minutes just to pick something up or drop something off at their storage unit. They may be more likely to rent a unit close to home, even if it costs them a few extra dollars each month. We have three locations across the metro area, and our convenient access hours make it easy to visit your space when you want to.


It’s important to ask about any amenities that a local storage facility provides. Besides the space they’re providing, what else do they offer? Is there a moving truck you can use to transport your larger items? Are there any perks such as one month of free storage on certain unit sizes? We’re always happy to provide our customers with benefits such as a free* local move-in truck, so be sure to ask one of our team members for more information!


dreamstime_xxl_27813773When you put your things in storage, you want to know they’re safe and sound. You might think twice if a facility seems vulnerable or poorly lit. All three of our Pittsburgh locations have state-of-the-art security, 24-hour surveillance, and computer-controlled gates that prevent against unauthorized entry. Your unit will also have a unique code that only you know, and you can put a lock on the door to add an extra layer of security. All our locations also have resident managers who keep an eye on things and report anything out of the ordinary.

If you’re looking for a self-storage space that fits your budget, is close to home, offers certain amenities, and will protect your belongings, contact us today. We have years of experience with helping people find the ideal unit, and we can answer all of your questions regarding price, location, and more.

We look forward to meeting you!

*At participating locations. Some restrictions apply.