Five Essential Self-Storage Tips

Empty Room with open cardboard boxes littered around

At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we want to make self-storage as simple as possible for every person who visits one of our area locations. Everyone has different storage needs, but there are some tips that can greatly benefit anyone, no matter why or how long they’re storing their belongings. In this blog, we’ll look at five essential storage tips that can save you time when packing and storing your items!

1. Use Same-Sized Boxes

dreamstime_xxl_12919302When you’re packing things for storage, it’s easy to find whatever boxes you have around the house and use them. While this can save a bit of time, it can make for a headache when you’re stacking things in your storage unit. Big boxes, little boxes, long boxes, and short boxes can be difficult to arrange, and sticking to one or two sizes of boxes can make stacking much easier. You’ll want to be sure each box is sturdy enough to stack, and be sure to distribute the weight with heavy items and lighter items packed inside. You want to be able to lift and carry the box!

2. Don’t Put Stacks One After the Other

When stacking your boxes in the storage space, make sure you leave room to walk around each stack. Starting against the back wall and working outwards will make it difficult to get to a box that’s on the bottom in the corner, and leaving room will save you time when you need to get to a particular box and you’re in a hurry.

3. Use Empty Spaces Inside Furniture

If you’re storing a wardrobe, dresser, or other piece of furniture with drawers or empty space inside, consider putting smaller boxes inside it. This will allow you to maximize your storage space and fit more things inside your unit. This can also be done with appliances, but make sure that you’re not putting a heavy box on a refrigerator shelf that can’t support the weight.

4. Label Everything

You may have a great memory, but if you have boxes that are in storage for six months, chances are you’re not going to remember what’s inside each one. Labeling everything with permanent marker will ensure you know what’s in a certain box, and be sure to put the label in multiple spots, such as on top and on each side. Make sure you write large and legibly enough so you don’t have to guess when the time comes.

5. Make a Plan

dreamstime_xxl_30186384Before you bring the first box to your storage unit, make a plan for what you need to store and how you will store it. The staff at your local EZ Storage® location will gladly show you a number of unit sizes, and you can take measurements and plan for what you can fit in the storage space. By planning ahead, you’ll know exactly what you can store and what you may need to leave at home.

If you’re looking for self-storage in St. Louis, visit us today for the best solutions at affordable rates!