Extraordinary Event Venue Storage

Tables and chairs with white table clothes, fine dining plates and glasses with EZ Storage logo and text "Extraordinary Event Venue Storage"

If you own and operate an event venue, then you know how important it is to be organized. Your job requires you to meet with people on a regular basis, and you also have to have the equipment and materials necessary to set up your venue in a short amount of time. You may have a wedding reception on Saturday night that lasts into Sunday morning, and then you and your staff have to turn around and set up a fundraising dinner for a local charity on Monday. If you’re quickly running out of storage space for all of your tables, chairs, and decorations, EZ Storage® in Philadelphia is here to help!

A Secure Option

dreamstime_xxl_35627400You may have renovated an old, unused space into a party venue, and while you transformed the building into a beautiful location, the one drawback was that it didn’t have much storage space. When the space isn’t in use, you may have to stack the chairs and tables along the wall, or try to fit as many things as you can in a back room. While this can work for the short-term, it may not be the most secure solution for your materials. One of our storage spaces can prove more than ideal as a secure spot for everything you need to keep safe.

Event Rental

Instead of owning a physical building, you may run an event rental company that brings tables, chairs, tents, and more to a customer’s party location. You might have one or two large trucks that can transport everything, but what do you with your equipment in between events? Leaving everything in the truck is an option, but you’ll feel more at ease if you know that your materials are in a solid, locked storage unit. We offer affordable rates on all of our spaces, and you can find one that’s large enough for everything you need to store.

Seasonal Storage

dreamstime_1932556Spring and summer may be your busy season, especially if you set up a lot of outdoor events in the Philadelphia area. Even if you have a dedicated venue location, you might only need storage for part of year. During your busy season, you might leave everything set up and simply rearrange it as needed, storing things away in a small room until you need them again. If you close down for a few months each year, you can find seasonal storage at any of our metro-area locations. With month-to-month leases on all of our units, you only need to rent a space for the time you need!


If you love helping people plan parties and enjoy creating the perfect party space for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and more, let EZ Storage® help keep your equipment safe and sound. The drive-up access at several of our locations makes it easy to load and unload things quickly, and you can visit your unit on any day of the year. Call or stop by one of our facilities to learn more.

We look forward to meeting you!