Exceptional Bike Shop Storage

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Thousands of people in the Pittsburgh area commute to work on a daily basis, but not all of them do so in cars and trucks. More and more people are choosing to ride their bikes to work, and this can be a great choice if your job is only a few miles away and you can get there without using the freeway. This increase in the number of non-motorized two-wheeled commuters has led to more bike shops opening up in local neighborhoods, and these shops are always busy repairing flat tires, fixing chains, and tuning up their customers’ rides. If you own a bike shop and you’re running out of space, EZ Storage® is here to help!

Inventory Storage

dreamstime_xxl_53752367As a shop owner, you may spend most of your time working on bikes, but the majority of your profits comes from selling new bikes to people who want to ditch the car and get some physical activity on their way to work. If your current sales inventory won’t fit in your shop, a self-storage unit can be a great option. You can find a secure spot where you can store new bikes, and you can rotate your stock as you sell more inventory and get new models each season. You can feature the most popular options in your shop, and keep others on hand for the future!

Tools and Equipment

Every bike shop needs the proper tools and equipment to work on a customer’s broken cycle. You want to keep your tools in good working order, and it’s important to have parts on hand so that you can work on any type and model of bicycle. If you don’t have adequate storage space for spare tools and parts, we can help you find a small unit that will safely house everything. You may have bike frames, hanging racks, and other items that you can’t find a spot for in your store, but you can keep everything secure in one of our affordable spaces. You’ll also be able to access your unit on any day of the year, so you can retrieve items when it works best for you.

Seasonal Options

dreamstime_xxl_44867738You may operate your bike shop during the spring, summer, and early fall, but close up once winter hits, since it can be tough for people to ride to work during a Pittsburgh snowstorm. You might still work on repairing some used bikes that you plan on selling, but you’re closed to customers until warmer weather arrives. Winter can also be a great time for some shop maintenance, and if you need to move some things out so you can clean and rearrange, EZ Storage® is here to help. We offer seasonal unit options that make it easy to store bikes and other equipment for a few months and then take everything back to your store.

If you own and operate a bike shop and have been looking for a reasonable storage solution, stop by one of our locations today. Our staff will gladly help you find the right space, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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