Equipment Rental Storage

Bobcat skid-steer loader vehicle with text "equipment rental storage"

Every project that someone undertakes requires tools, whether it’s a table saw, a screwdriver, or a hammer. Some projects require large tools and equipment, and for many homeowners, they don’t own a floor sander or a skid loader. That’s where equipment rental companies come in. If you own a local rental company in Pittsburgh, you want to make sure you’re offering the finest options. You also want to make sure that your equipment is properly cared for and protected, and part of that care and protection is proper storage. At EZ Storage®, we can help you find the best options when it comes to self-storage.

Vehicle Rental

dreamstime_xxl_2364753Your business may make most of its profits renting out vehicles such as forklifts or small tractors. Those who need these vehicles don’t want to spend the money to buy one, but it can make sense for them to rent one for a day or two. It’s important to keep these vehicles protected when they’re not in use, and a large storage unit can be a good choice. We’ll gladly show you the units that we have available and answer your questions regarding long-term storage.

Tree Care Equipment

Another category that’s very popular in the equipment rental industry is tree care tools. Homeowners don’t always own or have access to a chainsaw or chipper, and rather than hire a local company, they prefer to clean up their yard themselves. Renting out tree care equipment can be very lucrative, especially during the fall, but you may not have the same demand for these tools during other times of the year. If you don’t have the storage space in your building to keep everything safe, we can help.

Contractor Equipment

New houses are being built all the time, and contractors always need equipment to get construction done on time. While some contractors prefer to own certain tools, others opt to rent equipment for each jobsite. Things like dirt compactors and concrete tools are essential to any new home project, and if you rent these things out, you want to be sure they’re in good condition every time. Putting them in storage can protect them until the next contractor comes along and requests them.

No matter what type of equipment you need to store, EZ Storage® is here to help. You may have a scissor jack that you can’t find a spot for in your shop, or you might have tractor attachments that need to be kept inside. Our convenient drive-up access makes it easy to load and unload your equipment, and our staff will gladly discuss with you the safety and protocol for storing tools that require fuel, such as chainsaws or trench diggers.


Stop by one of our metro-area locations today to see which units we have available. All of our self-storage spaces come with a month-to-month lease, so if you only need to rent a unit for part of the year, you won’t have to be worried about being locked into a contract. You can also access your space on any day of the year.

We look forward to helping you!