End-of-Year Goals

Close up of paper calendar with the 31st circled in blue ink.

It’s hard to believe that there’s only a little more than a week left in the year, but at EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we’re excited for the beginning of a new year. That being said, there might still be some things that you want to accomplish this year. Luckily, there’s still time to squeeze in a few more things before the year ends. If anything on your list requires you to find a self-storage unit, then we’re here to help! With multiple locations across the metro area, it’s easy to find a space that’s close to home.

Clean Out the Garage

This might not be the most fun, but if you’ve been saying that you’re going to clean out the garage all year long, then you have a few more days to accomplish that goal. It might be as simple as going through the boxes on the shelves or sorting through the tools that are all over the workbench. There might be sports gear or bikes that no one uses or rides any more, and it’s easy to donate those items to those who can and will use them.

Even with just a few hours of garage cleaning, you can feel better heading into the new year, knowing that you have space for anything that comes into the house. If you have a vehicle, tools, or boxes that you need to store, then we can help you find the perfect space.

Take One Last Trip

You may have not gone anywhere during the holidays, but you still want to take one last trip before the year is over. Even if it’s just a day trip to one of your favorite locations, it can help you decompress and realign before heading into January. If you want to go all out, then why not book a plane ticket to an international destination that you’ve always wanted to see? While you may not come back until after the first of the year, it can still count as an end-of-year trip, thereby fulfilling your travel goals. If you need to store your vehicle while you’re gone, then our staff can recommend the best storage solution. You can enjoy your trip, knowing that your car is safe and sound!

Treat Yourself

You’ve spent the last month or so buying gifts for everyone in your life, so why not take the opportunity at the end of the year to treat yourself to something nice. It doesn’t have to be anything as extravagant as a new car, but it could be a new TV or a trip to your favorite spa. You’ve worked hard this year, and it’s okay to treat yourself to something that you’ve been thinking about buying for several months. If it is a new car, or perhaps a new motorcycle or jet ski, then we can help you find the right seasonal storage options for it.

Find Storage Today

At EZ Storage®, it’s our goal to help every customer find the perfect self-storage unit. If you’re working on your end-of-year goals and you need a local storage space, then visit one of our facilities today.

We look forward to meeting you!