End-of-Summer Cleaning and Organization

Sun setting over the horizon and text "End of summer cleaning and organization"

August has arrived, and with it, the last few weeks of summer vacation for the kids and downtime for you. September will bring the new school year and perhaps a busy time at work, so now is a great time to get started on your end-of-summer cleaning and organization.

At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we can help you find a great self-storage unit for all those things that you need to move out of the house for the fall and winter. We offer affordable options, and you can rent a space for a few months, or keep things stored for an entire year!

1. Go Through Each Room

dreamstime_xxl_871785You likely spent a lot of your summer in the living room or family room, at least when you weren’t outside, working on the yard or hosting a neighborhood barbecue. You were in the bedroom in the morning and evening, but other rooms such as the home office or guest room have gone untouched all season. You may have stored things in there, but if you plan to use these spaces during the fall and winter, then it’s a good idea to go through each room and pull out those things that you want to put into self-storage. You can reduce the amount of clutter in the house, and get ready for more indoor time and holiday-season guests!

2. Decide What to Keep

Summer can often be filled with vacations and shopping trips, where you come back with more stuff than which you left. Souvenir t-shirts are great, but you may wear them for the summer, and then decide they weren’t the best purchase. If you have lots of stuff that you accumulated over the summer, then you may need to make room in the closet or garage for everything. Deciding what you want to keep and what you want to store can make life much less stressful when it comes to keeping everything organized.

3. Prepare for Colder Weather!

people-2563491_1920August and September in Pittsburgh can be fairly enjoyable in terms of weather, but once fall settles in, it’s important to be ready for colder temperatures. All of your shorts and flip-flops will need to be put away until next year, and if you need to make room for warmer clothing, then why not put your summer wardrobe in a storage unit? You can make room for sweaters and jeans, and while you’re cleaning and organizing, you can get those throws and blankets out of the closet and have them ready for that first cold October night.

At EZ Storage®, we love every season, and we know that each one brings about its own challenges. As you’re going through the house this August, deciding what needs to be stored, be sure to visit us to find an affordable and convenient self-storage unit. We have three locations in the greater Pittsburgh area, and each one can offer the service and accessibility that you need. If you have questions, then we’ll be more than happy to help.

We look forward to meeting you!