Clothing, Furniture, and Toy Donations This Holiday Season

Young adults donating clothes and text "Donating during the holiday season"

As you’re getting ready for the holiday season, it’s important to remember that there are people out there who won’t get any presents this year. They may be struggling to find a place to live or to land a job, or they don’t have any friends or family members who live close by. The holidays can be a tough time for them, and by donating old clothes, toys, and other items to local shelters and nonprofits, you can provide things that can be distributed to those in need. At EZ Storage®, we love helping people find self-storage options that fit their specific storage needs. If you’re looking to make room in your current storage unit, why not sort through it and donate unused items this holiday season?

Clothing and Toy Donations

Two of the best things you can donate during the holidays are clothes and toys. You might have boxes and tubs of shirts and pants that you don’t wear anymore, but instead of holding onto them for another year, go through the boxes and see what you can donate. You’ll want to check for holes and tears, since you only want to give apparel that’s still in wearable condition.

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When it comes to toys, you’ll probably want to get your kids involved. Explain to them that there are kids in their area who won’t get any new toys for the holidays, and donating some of their old playthings could make a world of difference to a local family. Go through the boxes in your storage unit and have your kids pick out some toys that they no longer want or no longer play with. Once they’re done, you can put everything in a box and drop it off at a local charity or nonprofit.

Furniture and Appliance Donations

Some families out there are simply trying to get by, and they don’t have the resources to buy the furniture or appliances they need. Perhaps their oven quit working and now they’re worried about how they’ll cook their holiday meals. There are organizations who will accept furniture and appliances in good condition, and give them to families in need. If you have an old couch that’s been sitting in your storage unit for the entire year, or you’re replacing your stove this holiday season, then consider donating these furniture pieces or appliances so that someone else can get some good use out of them.

Clearing Out Your Storage Unit of Donatable Items

Donating items during the holiday season is also a great way to clear out your storage unit before the beginning of the New Year. You may have more boxes and tubs at home that you want to store, but you’re quickly running out of room in your storage space. Instead of trying to cram more in, go through things and see what you can donate. You’ll be making more room for other things, and you’ll be brightening the holiday season for a person or a family in need. The individual reward is that you feel good about what you’ve done, and the collective reward is that someone receives something they need.

Consider Donating Some Items This Holiday Season!