Does Your New Hobby Take Up Too Much Space?

Man doing wood work and text "Does your new hobby take up too much space"

You’ve always heard that it’s important to have hobbies, and if you’re someone who has several, you know how much time they can take and how much space they can occupy. If you’re into building model cars or ships, you need a dedicated workspace where you concentrate on adding intricate parts and adding small decals to the finished model. If you have a new hobby that takes up a lot of space, you may need to move some things out of the house to make more room, or store your hobby materials in another location. At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we can provide the ideal storage solutions.

Plein Air Painting

kai-oberhauser-309715Plein air painting has been around for a long time, and artists such as Monet and Renoir made the practice famous with their outdoor painting sessions. If you’re an amateur artist or you simply like to paint as a hobby, plein air can be a great way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. However, if you have lots of brushes, canvases, and paints, you may need a place to store them. A small self-storage unit can be a great solution, and with our three locations, you can choose a facility that’s closest to your favorite painting spot!


Lots of people love building things, and one of the easiest ways to build something without spending a lot of money is through woodworking. You might want to build a small table or create a new cabinet for your kitchen, but if you don’t have the room in your garage for lumber, a storage space can be a good alternative. You can buy your wood, store it in your unit, and retrieve what you need when you’re working on a new project. You can also store finished items in your rented space until you’re ready to install them, sell them, or give them as gifts. Our climate-controlled units are often a great option for wood items, since they keep the temperature at a consistent level.

Restoring Antiques

You may have a penchant for antiques, whether it’s a vintage chair or a classic automobile. You might love restoring these old things, bringing out their former beauty so that you can display them in your home or sell them to interested buyers. It’s always great when a hobby leads to some secondary income, and if you need somewhere to store your antiques, we can provide the ideal space. You may not have the room at home to store your larger projects, and if you’re only able to work on them sporadically, keeping them secure in a storage unit can be the best option. Again, a climate-controlled space is often the optimal choice.

Building a Collection

dane-deaner-292184Many people around the country have chosen collecting as their hobby, and people collect everything from baseball cards to vinyl records to stamps and rare coins. They might spend hours researching the origin and value of a certain item, and once they acquire it, they want to keep it safe and sound. If you’ve built an extensive collection, then you want to ensure that it will be protected from damage. If you’ve built such an extensive collection that it’s outgrown the shelves or space you made for it, then it might be time to search for another storage solution. As with antiques and woodworking, temperature-controlled units often make the most sense for valuable collections.

No matter what your hobby is, it’s important to make time and space for it. If you don’t spend time on your hobbies because you feel that they’re taking up too much room in your house, or you want to try a new hobby but you don’t have anywhere to store the materials, come to EZ Storage® today. We can help you find the right option that fits your budget, and our month-to-month leases make it easy to rent a space for as long as you need, without having to worry about being locked into a year-long contract. The staff at each of our Pittsburgh locations is friendly and knowledgeable, and they’ll gladly answer any questions you have about the storage process.

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