Do You Run a Business Out of Your Home?

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People start new businesses every day, and many choose to run them out of their home, either for financial reasons or because their new business is only for secondary income to their full-time job. Whatever the reason, it can make a lot of sense to run a business out of your house, but if you don’t have the space, you may have to reorganize some rooms. When that happens, a self-storage unit can be a great way to move some non-essential items out of the house to make room for your new business. At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we can help you find the perfect storage solutions!

Your Home Office

dreamstime_xxl_57714433 (2)If you started your own company offering writing or design services on a freelance basis, you may need to set up a home office. If you don’t currently have a dedicated space, you may need to repurpose a guest room or an area in the basement into an office. Having a place where you can concentrate on work can help you be more productive, and you can also take the space as a write-off come tax season! If you have furniture or other belongings that need to be moved out of the guest room or basement, you can keep everything safe at one of our Pittsburgh-area storage facilities.

Makers and Artisans

Many people who run businesses out of their home are makers and artisans who specialize in some form of craft or handmade goods. It could be quilting, cheesemaking, or another specialty, but home-based craftspeople can often find great success, especially through word of mouth. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that if you’re offering food or food-based products, that you get the proper licensing and permits to sell your wares out of your house. If you have things that you need to move out of your home to make room for your equipment, EZ Storage® can keep it safe for as long as you need. The same goes for any files or important documents related to your business that you don’t want to keep in the house.

Less Stress

dreamstime_xxl_40727965 (1)Some business owners run their companies out of their homes because they don’t want the stress of commuting every day or sitting in an office for 40 hours a week. They want to be their own boss and offer a specific service or product. Once their customer base grows, they may need to think about finding a dedicated storefront, but until that time comes, having a well-organized work area in their house will suffice.

If you’re thinking about starting your own home-based business, and you need to clear some things out of your house to make room, let EZ Storage® help you safely store your belongings. We offer month-to-month leases on all of our self-storage units, so you can pay for the time you need. We also offer convenient access hours on every day of the year, so you can visit your unit when you want.

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