Do You Have an Excess of Pet Supplies?

Two young girls holding their dogs with text "do you have an excess of pet supplies?"

If you have dogs or cats at home, or you make your living as a pet groomer or boarder, then chances are you have some pet supplies on hand. Everything from kennels and toys to leashes and food bins, your animals or the animals you care for require some necessary items. If you’re running out of storage space, or you don’t have room in your garage or basement to keep larger items such as kennels or beds, a self-storage unit could be the ideal option. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can provide you with the perfect options, no matter if you’re a pet owner or your business revolves around taking care of some furry friends.

Pet Kennels

dreamstime_xxl_1471897Some of the largest pet supplies that people own are often kennels and beds. You may have a dog that needs to be in a kennel while you’re at work, and as the dog grows, the kennel needs to grow as well. It’s important for the dog to have enough space to move around and lie down inside the kennel, and you may be crate training them until they’re old enough to be given free reign of the house. You may also need a kennel for your dog while you’re traveling, as they can be much safer inside the crate than in the backseat of a car or the bed of a truck. Many kennels come apart for easy storage, but for those that don’t, a storage unit can be a good option. It’s important to thoroughly clean the kennel before putting it in the space, and you’ll want to bring something to cover it with to protect it from dust.

Pet Beds

When it comes to pet beds, every animal has its favorite. Your dog may love to curl up in a ball and sleep, or it may love to stretch out and take up as much space as possible. Your cat may have a bed that’s placed up high, or it may kick the dog out of its bed so it can lounge comfortably. Whatever the case may be, there are some things that are good to do before storing your pet beds. You’ll want to be sure to wash them and make sure they’re dry before placing them in storage. You can also place them in unscented garbage bags to protect them from dirt and dust.

Pet Toys

dreamstime_xxl_10394527Unless you run a pet boarding service, chances are you don’t have an excess of kennels and beds that you need to store. However, as a pet owner, it’s a good bet that you have plenty of toys around your house. If you need to box some of them up to get them out of the house, it’s good to wash them (either in the machine or by hand), and sort them into categories (plastic, cloth, squeaky, etc.) You may plan on donating them to a shelter in the near future, or you may plan on fostering animals at some point, but until that happens, you may only need a few toys for your current pets to play with at home.

If you have pet supplies that you need to store, visit one of our Detroit-area locations today. We have space for kennels, beds, toys, and more, and you can create more room in your house by moving some of those larger items into storage. You can of course keep those essential supplies on hand so that your pets always have what they need, but for those things you’ve stored, you’ll have the peace of mind that they are safe and sound.

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