Do You Buy Souvenirs When You Travel?

Souvenir t-shirts on display and text "Do you buy souvenirs when you travel?"

Fifty to sixty years ago, as the American family became more mobile, people began taking road trips to destinations they’d never seen before. There was Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, and of course, Route 1 along the East Coast of the United States. There were countless roadside attractions along these highways, ranging from diners and cafes to stores where you could buy odd-shaped rocks.

At EZ Storage®, we know that one of the best things about any road trip is finding the perfect souvenir at that small roadside attraction that catches your eye as you drive past. Perhaps you’ve been collecting souvenirs for decades, and now you need somewhere to store all of the items you’ve purchased over the years. With one of our self-storage units in Philadelphia, you can keep all of your souvenirs safe and sound.

Organizing Your Souvenirs

takefreebies-564799-unsplashIf you’ve been on several road trips in your lifetime, then you’ve likely amassed quite a large collection of souvenirs. Keeping them all organized can be difficult, especially if they are stored throughout the house in various drawers and boxes.

One of the best ways to organize everything is to sort them into types. If you’ve purchased a shot glass in each state you’ve visited, then put those into their own box. If you have magnets and t-shirts from a particular state, put those together and label the box with the state name, followed by “souvenirs.” If there’s anything breakable in your souvenir collection, then make sure those items are properly padded before you put them into storage.

Are Any of the Souvenirs Valuable?

While your souvenirs may have sentimental value to you, they likely don’t have any real monetary value. However, there are always those collectors out there who are willing to pay top dollar for a matchbook or a deck of playing cards from a diner or a roadside motel that closed down several years ago. There may be a spot along Route 66 that someone remembers visiting as a child, and your souvenir could be the perfect memento for them. Posting some of your souvenirs for sale online could be a great way to make some extra money, even if you only sell them for a few dollars a piece.

How to Store Your Souvenirs

Your souvenirs may be stashed away in random boxes and drawers, but you’ll need to find a better solution before you put them into your self-storage unit. If you have brochures or postcards from a particular place, then put those into a photo album or folder that will protect them from getting bent or folded while in storage. If you have heavy or bulky souvenirs such as paperweights or large magnets, then store them in plastic tubs or clear plastic bins that stack easily on top of each other. With clear bins, you can see what’s inside, so when you go to take one out of storage, you’ll know exactly what’s inside of it.

Find Your Storage Unit Today

If you’ve been sorting through your souvenirs, deciding which ones you want to keep, selling certain ones online, or giving some to your children and grandchildren, then you might be ready to find a different storage solution for the souvenirs you want to keep. At EZ Storage®, we can help you find the perfect storage unit, even if you only have a few boxes of items that you want to keep safe. Every unit in our facilities is available on a month-to-month basis, and our staff members and resident managers are always happy to help however they can.

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