Dealing with an Unexpected Move?

Furniture tied up in a car for moving

Planning a move can be stressful enough, but dealing with an unexpected move can be even more so. If something happens and you need to move out of your home or apartment, you might be scrambling to find a place to live, and you might need somewhere to store some of your belongings for a few months. You may be able to stay with friends or family until you find a place, but if they don’t have room for all your furniture and belongings, EZ Storage® in St. Louis is here to help. We can keep your items secure for as long as you need, and they’ll be protected until you’re ready to move them into your new house.

Packing on the Fly

dreamstime_xxl_35657327If you need to move on short notice, you’ll most likely have to pack as quickly as possible. Boxes can be easy to come by, if you know where to look. Your local hardware or liquor store may have boxes you can take, and it’s always a good idea to keep some sturdy boxes on hand. You may only have a few days to pack, and going through your house room by room can be the best approach to making sure everything is ready to go. Enlist friends and family members who are willing to help you pack, and you may be surprised with how quickly you can have everything ready. This is also a perfect time to purge some of those belongings you no longer use or need.

Once everything is packed, you can bring it to the closest EZ Storage® facility. We have four metro-area locations that have a variety of storage unit sizes available. Our month-to-month leases make it easy to store things for as long as you need, without having to worry about being locked into a contract. You can store your boxes, furniture, and whatever else you need!

Moving Larger Items

One of the biggest challenges of an unexpected move is what to do with those larger items such as your bed, couch, and entertainment center. You might be able to find a moving truck on short notice, but if you can’t, you may have to make multiple trips to your friend’s house or storage unit. Several of our locations offer a free moving truck* for local use, so you can load up all your big stuff and move it into your unit in one trip. If you’re storing a flat screen TV and other electronic items, we have climate-controlled units available in certain sizes.

Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

dreamstime_xxl_30109279 (1)We know that moving at a moment’s notice can cause a lot of stress. It’s our goal to help minimize or perhaps even eliminate that stress by offering affordable storage solutions when you need them most. One of our units can be the perfect short-term solution, or you may have items you want to store for the long term. Whatever the case may be, we’ll be here to help you find the best self-storage at the best price.

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*At Participating Locations, Some Restrictions Apply