The Most Commonly Asked Self-Storage Questions

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At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we’re always happy to help customers find the self-storage they need at a price they can afford. We’re always here to help however we can, and when you have questions, we’ll have the answers. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to storage.

1. What Size of Units Do You Have?

dreamstime_xxl_44980632This is perhaps the most common question, and it’s obviously a good one to ask. People who need storage want to know what unit sizes are available, and we can help you decide which size is best for your belongings. If you have just a few boxes, a 5’x5’ unit should suffice, and if you have lots of things to store, we can show you our larger storage spaces. Above all, we want you to be paired with the ideal unit that meets your needs and fits your budget.

2. What is Climate-Controlled Storage?

Climate-controlled storage is designed to protect those fragile, valuable, and antique items from damage caused by heat or cold. Extreme temperature fluctuations can occur in standard storage units, so if you have belongings that need to be protected, we recommend renting a climate-controlled space. These units are kept between 65 and 75 degrees all year round, so you’ll know that your possessions are safe from heat, cold, humidity, and other factors.

3. Do I Need a Reservation?

We recommend making a reservation, especially if you want a certain size of storage unit. A reservation will hold the unit for you until you can move your belongings in, but if you need to cancel, the facility manager will be able to help. Walk-ins are welcome, but it’s important to keep in mind that the unit you want may not be available at that exact moment.

4. Can I Move My Things from One Unit to Another?

If you need a larger storage space, or you move some things out and want to move to a smaller unit, our staff will gladly help you transition. As long as the size you want is available, you can transfer anytime. The facility manager will discuss the pricing difference with you before you move your belongings.

5. Can I Pay My Bill Online?

dreamstime_xxl_47191461 (1)You have a busy schedule, and you may not have time to put a check in the mail or drop off your monthly storage payment. With our online payment portal, you can easily pay your bill every month, and can also set up recurring options so you never miss a payment.

If you’re searching for affordable self-storage in Pittsburgh, come to EZ today. We’re ready and willing to answer all of your questions, and will gladly show you the units we have available. With three convenient locations in the metro area, you should be able to find storage near your home or business. We want you to have the best experience possible, and we’re always here to help you keep your belongings safe and sound.

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