Closet Storage Safety Hazards

Closeup of organized clothes in closet

At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we want to promote safe storage practices both at our facilities and in your own home. When it comes to renting a self-storage unit, we pride ourselves on providing safe, easy access at all times, so you don’t have to take unnecessary risks when you’re loading or unloading. If you’ve found that the closets in your house are creating certain safety hazards to you and your family, it might be worth it to invest in an affordable storage space. Visit one of our metro-area locations today to learn more!

Stuff Falling Out of the Closet

We’ve all seen cartoons and sitcoms where a character packs a closet full of stuff and then strains to close the door. This is often followed by another character unsuspectingly opening the door and having an avalanche of items fall on top of them. While no one gets seriously injured in a cartoon or TV show, the same can’t be said for real life.

It’s important to avoid overpacking any closet, no matter if it’s in your bedroom, hallway, or front entrance. Unstable items that are precariously placed on top of other things can easily fall and strike someone on the head or fall on their foot when they open the closet door. If there isn’t enough room for that last box or tub in a closet, it’s best to find somewhere else to store it.

Heavy Boxes on Top Shelves

Many people like to keep boxes of photos and heirlooms in their bedroom closet. They want to keep these items safe from damage, so they put them on a top shelf for protection. While this is perfectly acceptable, it’s imperative that you don’t place heavy boxes on a top shelf. The box may prove to weigh too much for the shelf’s load capacity, and the result could be the entire shelf falling down and breaking your belongings and perhaps injuring yourself. You could also hurt yourself while trying to get a heavy box off of the top shelf. It can be difficult to move a heavy item that’s above your head, and even if you’re standing on a stepstool, there is an inherent risk when moving heavy boxes.

Heavier items should be stored on or near the floor of the closet. If you can, put the larger, heavier boxes in the back of the closet on the floor or on a low shelf that can support the weight. You may also want to redistribute some of your items so that one box isn’t heavier than the others.

Find Self-Storage Today

If you’ve found that your closets are getting too full, or that you’ve resorted to storing heavy boxes and items on the top shelf, EZ Storage® is here to help. We can provide you with a convenient and accessible self-storage unit where you can store those extra items for as long as you need. With multiple storage centers in the greater Detroit area, it’s easy to find a space that’s close to home.

We look forward to working with you!