Cleaning Out Clutter at Home

Stack of folded newspapers

With people spending more time at home during these past few months, many have been looking for ways to clean out clutter and create more living space for themselves and their families. If you’re one of those people who has been going through each room, trying to get rid of things, then EZ Storage® in St. Louis is here to help. After you’ve tossed all those things you don’t want or need anymore, you might need a self-storage unit for those items you want to hold onto, but not necessarily keep in the house or the garage.

In this post, we’ll look at some clutter you can get rid of, and how you can methodically move through your home to clear things out of each room.

Newspapers and Magazines

If you still subscribe to a local newspaper or national magazine, how many back issues do you still have in the house? Certain newspapers that chronicle historical events can be worth keeping, but the random paper from a Thursday last fall can probably go in the trash can or recycling bin. The same is true for magazines — you might have a select few with notable people or events on the covers, but unless you’re trying to amass a complete collection of Rolling Stone or Car and Driver, it’s okay to get rid of some magazines. You can sometimes donate them to local shelters or libraries, or you can recycle them so they’re repurposed into new paper goods.

Most of your newspapers and magazines are likely stored in your home office or living room. By starting in these two rooms, you can clear out your paper clutter and hopefully feel better about each space.

Old Makeup and Medications

It may have been a long time since you last cleaned out the medicine cabinet in your bathroom. Those, along with the cabinet under the sink, could be filled with old makeup, medications, and other items you no longer need. A lot of the makeup and creams are likely no longer useful, as they’ve dried up or they may have reached their expiration date. As for medications, be sure to dispose of those properly through a local disposal program. You should never toss prescriptions into the trash!

If you have more than one bathroom in the house, start with the master bathroom (or whichever one is used the most). You can throw things away, consolidate those items you want to keep, and figure out if you need to dispose of pills and other medications in the proper manner. Before you know it, every bathroom will be less cluttered and your family will be happier!

Canned and Boxed Food

You may have stocked up on canned and boxed food over the past few months, but when you went to put things away in the pantry or kitchen cupboards, you found several food items that had been hiding in the back of the shelves. Several of these cans and boxes may be expired, and it’s often best just to toss those items. If you’re a gardener, some of it may be able to be composted and used in your soil, but many canned and boxed foods are processed and may not break down too easily. For food that isn’t expired yet, but you’re unsure if you’ll ever consume it, consider donating things to a local food bank.

The kitchen can be a challenge when it comes to cleaning out clutter, but by starting with the older food taking up space in your cupboards or pantry, you can create more space for bakeware, dishes, and other items you use on a regular basis.

Find Storage Today

As you’re cleaning out the clutter in your home, you might come across items that you do want to keep, such as those newspapers and magazines that have some significance or are part of a larger collection. If you have anything you need to store after you’ve gone through each room, the team at EZ Storage® can help you find the ideal space.

With multiple locations across the greater St. Louis area, we can provide you with a storage unit that’s close to home. Be sure to contact us before you visit to make sure the location you’ve chosen is allowing public access to the office.

We look forward to meeting you!