Caring for an Elderly Parent?

Mother and daughter holding each other smiling with text "caring for an elderly parent?"

You care deeply about your family, and when one of your relatives is in need, you want to be there to help them however you can. As your parents age, they may not be able to care for themselves as they once did, and you may be faced with the decision of determining what their living situation will be. You may decide to move them into a nursing home where they can get the care they need, or you may have them move in with you so you can be there for them. Whatever the case may be, there will be a period of transition where you and your parent must decide what to do with some of their belongings. At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we can help you find an affordable storage unit for as long as you need. With locations all across the city, it’s easy to find a space that’s close to home.

Taking Stock of Their Stuff

dreamstime_xxl_33292003Your parent has lived a fulfilling life, and that can often mean that they’ve kept things that mean something to them, as well as things that simply take up space. As you take stock of their stuff, it’s important to speak with them about what they want to keep, and what can be discarded or donated. Those conversations can be difficult, especially if they have an emotional attachment to a certain item, but you know that the item is no longer useful or is beginning to fall apart. It’s important to be considerate of their feelings and make compromises where you can, but also stern when you need to be about an item that simply no longer has any value.

Storing versus Stashing

Another thing to think about is what you will store versus what you will “stash.” Self-storage can be great for both the long- and short-term, and when you store something, you usually plan on leaving it in the unit for the duration. However, you may need to stash some items that can be easily retrieved, should your parent decide they want it, or it turns out they do in fact need it. This can be especially true with furniture, as it may turn out that your parent needs their recliner for their new room in an assisted living facility. Stashing those items at the front of the unit will make them easier to retrieve, should you need to pick them up on short notice.

You can also talk with your parent about the purpose of storage and why you think it’s necessary. They may be thinking about it in terms of “stashing,” where they can keep their belongings safe for a few weeks, but in reality, you’re storing things so that they will be safe for the next few months. While you can access your space on any day of the week, it’s important for your parent to understand that you won’t be running to the unit to retrieve things whenever they feel they need something.

Providing Peace of Mind

It can be difficult to talk with your elderly parent about changing their living situation, and whether they’re moving in with you or into a care facility, it’s essential to find peace of mind however you can. Their main worry may lie with what will happen to those belongings that won’t be moving with them, and a secure self-storage unit can be the key to assuaging their fears.


If you’re caring for your aging parent, or you’re discussing the decision with them on what the next steps will be for their life, EZ Storage® is here to help. We would love to show you the solutions we have and assist you in finding the ideal space.

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