Buying and Selling Books Online

Woman holding a book while on her laptop with text "buying and selling books online"

There are literally millions of books in the world, and with multiple printings and editions of each book, that number easily reaches into the billions. You may have a healthy home library of your own, and you may make some extra money by buying and selling books online. There are always those collectors who are looking for a rare edition of book, and college students go online every semester to find the books they need at a price they can afford.

However, if you do buy and sell books online, where do you store those editions that don’t sell or that you want to hold onto until they perhaps go up in value? At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we can help you find the ideal solution with one of our self-storage units.

Rare and Valuable Editions

dreamstime_9944194The most valuable, and often most rare, edition of a book is often the first edition. Depending on the age of said book, the first edition could be worth quite a bit of money. The condition of the book will also contribute to its value, and the more pristine it is, the more you can likely sell it for. If you have first editions, or rare books that only had a few copies printed but that are coveted by collectors, then it’s important to store them properly to protect them from damage.

Climate-Controlled Book Storage

One of the best ways to protect first editions and rare books is to place them into a climate-controlled storage unit. The controlled temperature can keep the the book from becoming warped and weathered, and proper airflow can keep the pages from curling or yellowing over time.

You will also want to store the books horizontally or vertically, making sure there is not a lot of weight pressing down on or against each book. You’ll also want to ensure that nothing is pressing down on a book’s spine, since that can be the quickest way to damage a book. When you put several books into a cardboard box, make sure the box can handle the weight, as you don’t want the bottom flap to break open when you pick up the box.

Swapping Out Inventory

As an online bookseller, you likely go through a lot of inventory in a short period of time. Investing in a storage unit can be the best way to keep everything organized, especially if you’re buying books one day and selling them within the next week. You can put those boxes of hard-to-move books in the back of your unit, and keep space open in the front for books that you know will move quickly, and that may only be in storage for a few days.

Budgeting For Storage

If selling books is your side business, then you need to be able to find a storage unit that fits your budget. At EZ Storage®, we have several unit sizes to choose from, including small, 5’x5’ spaces that are great for a few boxes of books. With 25 square feet to work with, you can store your books and keep them safe until you’re ready to go through them and put them online. If you ever need a larger storage unit, then we will gladly help you upgrade so you have the space you need!

All of our units are available on a month-to-month basis, so you don’t have to worry about being locked into a long-term contract. You can manage and pay your account online, so you don’t have to remember to mail a check or drop payment off at your storage location. Our staff members are always happy to answer any questions you may have, and our 24/7 surveillance systems keep an eye on everything.

Visit your nearest EZ Storage® facility in Pittsburgh today to find a self-storage solution for your collection of books. You may have first editions and rare volumes that you want to keep safe until you can sell them, or you may have books that you want to hold onto until you can pass them on to the next generation. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help.

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