Does Your Business Need Storage?

Storage space aisle with shelves of stored boxes and documents with banner text "Does your business need storage?"

If you’re an owner or manager of a local business, then your responsibilities run the gamut from hiring people to making sure that you have enough inventory on the shelves. The day-to-day operations may also fall to you, especially if you’re a small business, and there are no unimportant details or tasks that are too insignificant for your attention.

At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we understand that there are struggles that every business faces, and when those struggles deal with product inventory, the issue often lies with storage space. By renting one of our spacious self-storage units, you can keep your inventory safe and sound until it’s ready to move or you have space for it in your storefront.


Sudden Success

There are a handful of businesses every year that experience a windfall of sudden success. Either their product becomes extremely popular, or they find their target market and are able to sell every product on their shelves. If this has happened to you, then you might be moving as fast as you can to get more products manufactured and into the hands of your customers. This might lead you to place a larger order with your manufacturer, and when that order comes in, you may need somewhere to store those products. A storage unit can be the ideal solution, and even if the products are only there for a month, you won’t have to worry about them taking up space in your business.

Rebranding Your Business

Every business goes through the ebbs and flows of success and failure, and the profitable companies are those that know how to ride those waves. If your company is going through a rebranding process, then you might have inventory that has old packaging with outdated designs on it. These products are still viable, but they’re not the ones that you want to have lining store shelves. Until you can find a secondary market where you can sell these older items, you may need to put them in storage for the foreseeable future. A large unit at one of our metro-area locations can provide a space that keeps your inventory safe for as long as you need.

Rent a Unit Today

If you have a surplus of products, you’ve placed a large order with your manufacturer, or you need to store some inventory while your business goes through a rebranding phase, then come to EZ Storage® today. We’ve helped many business owners find the storage they need at a price that fits their budget. Our month-to-month leases make it easy to rent for the time you need, and you can even have deliveries made directly to your storage unit. Our staff members and resident managers keep an eye on everything at all times, and our facility grounds are secure and well-lit.

Come to one of our facilities today to learn more about our storage solutions. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you find the right option for your company.

We look forward to seeing you soon!