Building a Walk-In Closet?

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If you’ve wanted a walk-in closet for as long as you can remember, then you may have taken it upon yourself to build one. It can seem like quite an undertaking, but if you have the time and the energy, then it is completely possible. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can help you find the perfect self-storage option for those items that you need to move out of the way while you work on your new closet!

Where to Find the Space?

dreamstime_xxl_6340477 (1)The first issue that many homeowners run into when building a walk-in closet is where to find the space that they need. You may not be able to add on to the existing closet, which means you may need to take some space out of your bedroom or your master bathroom. You likely don’t need a ton of space, but three or four feet in one direction can gave you the room you need to actually walk into the closet.

Reconfigure the Space

Perhaps you already have what could be considered a “walk-in” closet, but the way the space is configured doesn’t actually allow you to enter the closet more than a few inches. Perhaps the previous owner of the house added a clothes rod across the back in order to hang more things, and when the rod is full, you can only stand in the doorway to choose your wardrobe for the day. Maybe the shelves along the side of the closet are too close together or stick out too far. Changing the closet’s configuration can give you the space you need, so think about moving the clothes rod or replacing the shelves with those that fit a bit better.

Reorganize the Space

Once you’ve have your new shelves and hanging rods in place, or you’re working on adding a few more square feet to your closet by moving the walls, then you’ll need to think about how the space will be organized. Will where your shoes go? Will there be drawers for socks and underwear? One thing to keep in mind is how many clothes you have, and whether or not it’s a good idea to put seasonal items such as sweaters and jackets into storage for the summer, and then swap everything out once fall or winter arrives. Keeping your closet organized will give you the space to move around, and you won’t have to hunt through 50 shirts to find the one you want.

Add More Light

dreamstime_xxl_20026163 (1)Even if your walk-in closet is on the smaller side, you can make it feel bigger with the right lighting. The overhead light can be enough, but adding some under cabinet lighting or recessed lights will brighten the space, and putting a mirror on the back wall will make the space feel bigger than it is. Also, with the right lighting and the perfect mirror, you’ll actually be able to see what your wardrobe looks like before you head out for the day.

Find Your Storage Unit Today

If you’re working on building a walk-in closet, and you have a few boxes of clothes that you need to store until you have the space for them, or the weather calls for them again, then visit an EZ Storage® location in Detroit today. We can help you find the right storage unit, and with month-to-month leases, you’ll only have to pay for the time you need. If you have any questions while you’re here, then our resident managers and staff members will be more than happy to help. Above all, we want you to have a stress-free storage experience.

We look forward to meeting you!