The Best Winter Storage Solutions

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Winter isn’t quite here yet, but people in St. Louis know that winter weather can happen at any time once November arrives. At EZ Storage®, we love helping people find the best winter storage solutions, and if you have seasonal items that you don’t need for a few months, or you want a spot where you can hide those big holiday presents, visit us today. With our variety of unit sizes and month-to-month leases, you can rent the space you need for the time you need.

Storing Seasonal Items

filip-mroz-183687Perhaps you’ve packed up all your summer clothes in preparation for fall, but they’re still sitting in boxes and tubs in your bedroom. You keep meaning to get them out of the way, but with a busy fall already underway, you haven’t found a chance to move them or found a suitable spot for them. You know you won’t need them until at least April or May, and putting them in a storage unit makes the most sense. You won’t have to trip over them all winter, and you’ll know everything is safe and sound.

Round Up the Bikes

Your family may love riding bikes throughout the summer and fall, but once the first snow falls, you know you won’t be riding again until spring. If you don’t have the space for them in your garage, or you need to use the extra space for your snowblower, snow shovels, and bags of ice melt, then a self-storage unit would make sense. You can round up all the bikes, helmets, pads, and more, and put everything into storage until you’re ready to use them again. This clears up room in your garage for those essential winter items, and can make it possible to park both cars inside instead of just one.

A Good Time to Take Stock

When you’re stuck inside on a cold winter’s day, it can be a good time to take stock of what you have in your house. You can go through boxes you haven’t opened in a while, and decide what can be kept, what can be donated, and what can be tossed. You can pack things up that can go into storage, and after a weekend’s worth of work, you’ll be amazed at how much more space you have in your house. We offer access hours on the weekend, so if you need to bring boxes or tubs to your unit on a Sunday evening, you can!

Renting for the Short Term

As we mentioned before, we offer monthly leases on all of our storage units. This makes it easy for you to find a space for the short term, instead of having to keep paying for a unit you’re only using five or six months out of the year. If you’re storing seasonal items such as summer clothes, bikes, or patio furniture, you can store them for the winter and then pick them up in the spring.

If you’re looking for the best winter storage solutions in St. Louis, visit one of our facilities today. The staff at each one will be more than happy to help find the ideal space.

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