The Benefits of a Garage Sale

Couple cleaning out their garage and text "The benefits of a garage sale"

Summer is only two weeks away, and with it, you might be planning to host a garage sale so that you can finally get rid of that old furniture that’s been sitting in the basement, or those old records that have been gathering dust on the shelf for the past year. At EZ Storage®, one of our self-storage units in Philadelphia can be a great spot for those items that you don’t want to sell, but you need to move out of the house to make room for new things, or things that you use on a regular basis.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of having a garage sale.

Get Rid of Stuff

dreamstime_xxl_15539473This first benefit is perhaps the one that people love the most, since it means that there is less clutter in their garage, their basement, and their home in general. You may have held on to certain things for years, but when it comes down to it, you never really used that old entertainment center again, and selling it for a few bucks is the better choice. After a garage sale, you should have more room in your house, and you can enjoy the new space or you can fill it with other things of your choosing.

Make Some Extra Money

If you’re saving for a summer vacation, or if you have bills to pay, then making some extra money with a garage sale can be a great way to go. The only investment you have to make is the time it takes to set everything up and carry all of your items to the driveway. Even if you only end up making 20 or 30 bucks, you’ll come out ahead!

Meet New People

If you’ve just moved into your neighborhood, and you moved a lot of things with you, then a garage sale can be a great way to meet your new neighbors and other people in the community. You might have a set of Star Trek collector’s glasses that someone has been looking for, and you can strike up a conversation about your shared love of the sci-fi series. You may also have tools or lawn furniture that your neighbors may want, and you can begin building a connection with them at the sale.

Prioritize Your Belongings

dreamstime_xxl_10792658Once the sale is over, and you’ve gotten rid of some things, made some money, and met some new people, you can then prioritize the belongings that you didn’t put on the sale. You may have antique heirlooms that you can now put into storage, or extra furniture that you’re holding onto until your teenager goes to college. You’ve been wanting to rearrange and re-organize your belongings, but you couldn’t find the time or energy while there was so much clutter in the house and the garage. Following your sale, you can focus on putting things where you want, and storing those items that you want to protect or that only get used seasonally.

When you’re planning your next garage sale, and you need somewhere to store those items that you don’t want to sell or that are taking up too much space in the house, then come to EZ Storage® right away. With our self-storage units in Philadelphia, you can find a suitable solution that protects your belongings without breaking the bank. Every unit is available on a month-to-month basis, and we’ll gladly help you find the right option. We have four locations in the greater Philadelphia area, so you’ll be able to find one near your home.

We look forward to meeting you!