Are You an Only Child?

Elderly man and women sitting on a bench and text "Are you an only child?"

Many of us grew up with siblings, and there were good and bad things about having brothers and sisters. There may have been times when you wished you were an only child, and you may have envied your friends who didn’t have any siblings. However, as an only child, there are some responsibilities that fall to you and you alone, especially as your parents get older. If you’re an only child, and you’re responsible for moving your parents into a nursing home, or you’re faced with the task of taking inventory of their belongings after they’ve passed, then EZ Storage® in Detroit is here to help. With our self-storage options, you can find the ideal space for however long you need.

Taking Care of Your Parents

dreamstime_xxl_4853677Growing up as an only child, you may have formed a close relationship with your parents. You likely spent a lot of time with them, and since you had no brothers or sisters to contend with, you were always able to get their attention and talk with them when you wanted to. As you got older, that relationship changed and evolved, but you always had a special bond with your parents.

While being the sole recipient of their affection, taking care of your parents as they age can be a challenge. One parent may pass before the other, and you’re left with making the decisions regarding the other. They may need to move into a nursing home or assisted living facility, which means you may need to sell or donate some of their belongings. This can be a difficult task, especially as you go through the house and uncover memories from your childhood. If possible, include your parent in the process, but be sure to be sensitive to their feelings regarding this transition. If there are items that you want to store temporarily, we can help you find the best space that fits your budget.

Handling the Estate

Once both parents have passed, you, as the sole heir, will be tasked with handling the estate. There may be both monetary and physical inheritance, and it’s important to know how to manage both of these aspects. As for the physical property, you may need to sell a house or other land to pay off certain debts, but you’re left with the furniture and other contents that you need to store. At EZ Storage®, we have large units that are great for big items like couches, pianos, and anything else you need to store for a few months.

Holding On to Things You Want to Keep

dreamstime_xxl_66436067 (2)As your parents age, they may give you family heirlooms or mementoes that they want you to keep and pass on to your children or grandchildren. You’re grateful to receive these items, but that doesn’t mean that you have the space for them in your house. Since you’re an only child, there’s no way to divide up the stuff, and renting a storage unit can provide the space you need until you make room at home.

If you’re going through the estate after your parents have passed, and there are things you want to keep, putting them in storage can be a great way to keep them separate from those items that you’re going to put on an estate sale or donate to a local charity or nonprofit.

If you’re an only child who is facing the challenge of helping one or both parents move, or you’re taking care of the estate, then visit one of our Detroit self-storage facilities today. We’d love to help you find the perfect space, and our month-to-month leases make it easy to rent a unit for the time you need.

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