Are You an Antiques Dealer?

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Owning and operating an antiques store is definitely a full-time job, and then some. You may help other people sell their antiques, or you may focus strictly on buying and selling items online. Whatever the case may be, there most likely will come a time when you need storage for some of your antiques. Your store might be full of furniture, artwork, and other valuable items, and instead of trying to fit more in or take things to your basement, a self-storage unit could be the ideal alternative. At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we can help you find the best solution for your treasured items.

Climate-Controlled Options for Heirlooms and Relics

dreamstime_xl_17368639One thing that many antique dealers look for when they need storage is a climate-controlled space. Antique wood, leather, and other materials are best kept in a temperature-controlled environment, and at EZ Storage®, we have plenty of climate-controlled spaces from which to choose. They come in various sizes, so no matter how many items you need store, we can find the unit for you. Your antiques won’t be exposed to extreme heat or cold, and with proper packing and coverings, they can be maintained for the day when you sell them to the right buyer.

Perfect for Overflow Storage

Your store or house is probably close to being full of antiques at all times, and when you need overflow storage, a self-storage unit can be the best option. You’ll know that your extra items are in a safe and secure location, and that you can retrieve them on any day of the year. You may be rotating out your store’s inventory, or you may be updating your online sale listings, but whatever the situation is, our month-to-month leases make it easy to store things for the time you need. You won’t have to try to fit more in your store or rearrange your garage simply to make room for an antique you’re going to sell in a month or two.

Meet Customers at Your Storage Unit

dreamstime_10655252When you sell an antique online, it’s important to arrange the best possible situation for the buyer to pick up the item. One option is to have them meet you at your storage unit, and our locations can provide a safe spot to connect with your customer. They can accompany you to the unit, see that the item is in the condition in which it was advertised, and easily load it into their vehicle.

If you need to ship an antique to a customer, you can visit your storage unit on any day of the year, so you don’t have to wait for a weekday to pick up the item, pack it, and send it off. We want you to have the most convenient access possible!

If you buy and sell antiques, and need a safe place to store some of your inventory, visit EZ Storage® today. We love helping the people of St. Louis find the storage they need, and would love to know how we can help you.

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