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Self-Storage Units Near LaSalle Park, MO

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  • EZ Storage® - St. Louis, MO (Chippewa St.)

    4175 Chippewa St.
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Storage Units LaSalle Park, Missouri

Getting ready for a new season can be an exciting time, and if you like to rearrange your home or change your home decor with each new season, you might need a place to store the things that are no longer being used or displayed. At EZ Storage on Chippewa Street, we’ve helped many LaSalle Park residents keep their season items safe until it’s time to bring them out again and use them in their home. We have adequate storage space for anything that you need to store, and you can rent a space for just a few months, or for longer periods of time.

Living so close to the city center of St. Louis, you may not have much room inside or outside of your home to store things. Our storage facility is less than 15 minutes from your residence, and you can access your storage unit on any day of the year. If you’re getting ready for the holiday season and all of your decorations and special items are in storage, you can retrieve them at your convenience and give yourself plenty of time to get everything ready. If need to store your winter clothes once spring or summer hits, you can box them up and bring them to your storage unit, keeping them safe until colder weather comes again.

Our facility is very secure and monitored 24/7 by cameras and on-site personnel. Your things are always your things, no matter if they’re in your home, or safe at our facility. For more information on self-storage near LaSalle Park, come to EZ Storage today!