Why You Need a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit in Detroit

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Climate-controlled storage, to some, may seem like an unneeded luxury. But do you really know whether or not you need it? Do you know why people invest in it? It’s certainly not for the sake of their vanity, and like all things to do with investing in a self storage unit, it’s more about utility and strategy with their space than you might initially expect. It’s true that a climate-controlled storage unit is more expensive, but for the common uses of most storage units in the metro Detroit area, it’s likely a better idea to have a controlled-climate unit than a non-controlled unit. If you’re on the fence about that idea, we’re here to help explain our logic. 

Climate-Controlled Storage Units

In case you’re unfamiliar with them, you may not know what a climate-controlled storage unit actually is. Climate-controlled storage is an add-on that gives you the opportunity to keep the temperature and humidity of your storage unit constant. This is often kept under watch by the storage facility and monitored for you, so that you don’t have to.

Temperature-controlled storage units, however, are different as they can only control the actual temperature in a unit, which in a humid area – like Detroit in the summer months – isn’t much help. Since metro Detroit is so humid, there’s a high possibility that the goods in your storage unit could get damaged by the weather and fluctuating humidity and temperature levels, especially if you’re storing things like older wood and other things that are sensitive to temperature changes. 

If you have specific needs for your climate controlled storage facility, feel free to reach out and ask us about the metro Detroit EZ Storage facilities available. We can inform you about what level of humidity we keep the controlled-climate units at and more so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not you need one. 

What Items Should Remain Climate Controlled?

As much as you’d probably like to, it’s hard to find a place in Detroit that will hold all of your things, especially if you’re moving into a much smaller place from the suburbs where you had multiple sitting rooms to fill with knick-knacks and other items.

Now, once you move, you likely won’t want to dump everything you can’t fit, but some specific items might not fare very well in storage in the unpredictable Detroit climate. The main items you need to worry about leaving unattended and at nature’s mercy are probably the most important things you own, but there’s a wide variety of items that don’t do well in constantly fluctuating temperatures. Cosmetics and toiletries, for example, don’t like constant temperature changes. So, if you’re looking for a place to store your salon’s excess product outside of your business, you’ll likely need one that is climate controlled.

Other items that will need humidity and temperature regulation include collectibles, which could be everything from the antique chest you inherited, to the case of wine you bought in California and can’t drink all of just yet. Those need a constant and regulated environment so they don’t lose their value, start to taste funny, or otherwise get warped by being exposed to the unforgiving elements.

You’ll also want to keep metal, leather, fabric, or upholstery of any kind and any wicker goods or furniture of any kind in climate-controlled areas. Books and documents that are of the utmost importance are vulnerable, as well as candles, media of any kind (i.e. CDs, DVDs, and USBs), medications or medical supplies, mattresses, or instruments. 

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It’s true, many of these things can survive well enough without a climate-controlled environment. For example, if you’re keeping your papers in a pretty solidly contained file cabinet, they likely won’t fall prey to mold or mildew damage and will be just fine. But wood, and other organic materials like leather and fabrics, will not be so lucky. 

Keep Your Items Secure and In Good Quality At EZ Storage in Detroit

If you’re interested in climate-controlled storage facilities for your extra furniture, important business documents and supplies, or other sensitive goods, reach out to us. We’re always happy to help you explore what your storage needs are, let you tour the units and help you determine if the things you’re storing, and for the amount of time you’re storing them, you’ll need climate controlled storage throughout your time with us. Find out more about our pricing in your area now.