How We Benefit Psychologically From Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is something that a majority of people will make some time to get done, even if they’re not a huge fan of cleaning. There’s something nice about starting off this new season with a fresh, deeply cleaned slate. Though this may be the primary reason that so many people choose to really dive into their spring cleaning, there are so many additional benefits associated with spring cleaning, and most people are entirely unaware of them.

At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we often see people rent a self-storage unit so that they can start to move some of their unused items out of the house. With spring quickly approaching, we wanted to take a minute to cover some of the major benefits that you can enjoy when you make time to do some spring cleaning. If you find that you need some additional space after finishing your spring cleaning, contact the EZ Storage ® office and allow a member of our team to take care of you.

Create New Habits

Spring cleaning comes not long after the New Year, right when many of us are setting new goals and working to create better habits. If you’ve recently started to struggle, then a good spring cleaning session might be exactly what you need.

Believe it or not, but cleaning up your space can actually help to keep you accountable on new changes or good habits that you want to work on. The reason behind this? When we have multiple things going on in our life, we always feel this sense of being behind. This mental state makes these new goals feel unachievable and they make it all the easier to create excuses.

With a clean space, you are able to feel caught up and relax easy, making it much easier for you to work on yourself and the goals that you have.

Build Your Immune System

Our home is the place where we spend the most time. With that being said, it’s not so surprising that our immune system benefits from some serious deep cleaning. Though there may not be hundreds of people coming into our homes and contributing their germs to the surfaces that we’re touching, there are still various factors within your home that have your immune system working overtime.

Allergens, pollen, and dandruff are three things that every house has to some extent or another. If you have pets, the severity of these three things increases significantly. Another factor many people don’t consider is carpet. The fibers of our carpet hold onto so many different airborne allergens, and when we aren’t completing a deep clean, our immune system is left suffering.

With all of this in mind, taking the time to deep clean your carpets and the floors of your home can help to remove and reduce these types of airborne impurities. The end result is an immune system that is strong and healthy.

Minimize Stress Levels

Stress is an overwhelming thing to carry with you day in and day out. Between the long hours at the office, various things that need to be done at home, and the long list of activities that you somehow need to make time for, the last thing you want is one more thing to keep your stress heightened.

To the surprise of many, stress can come on by simply placing yourself in a messy setting. Even if you are an inherently messy person, these types of settings convey feelings of chaos, which then triggers the brain to react as it normally would in a stressful situation.

Mental Clarity

The final point that we are going to touch on in today’s blog piggybacks on the previous point of minimizing stress level. Without the overwhelming mess surrounding you, you’re able to clear your mind and focus. For many people, this translates into better sleep, higher levels of productivity, and an overall improved mood. It’s pretty incredible that having a house that is clean and that smells fresh can provide you with so much mental clarity.

Store Your Belongings at EZ Storage®

If at some point in the spring cleaning process you realize that you have way too much stuff to put back in your home in an organized manner, the team at EZ Storage® in Philadelphia can help. Our storage facility features a variety of storage units ranging in size so that you can find one as big or as small as you need. With the non-necessity items out of the way, maintaining the results of your spring cleaning is much more attainable.

Contact our office today and we’d be happy to provide you with a quote on the storage unit you’re interested in.

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