Find Suitable Storage for Spring

Spring is still several weeks away, but you may have already started on some projects around the house, both inside and out. You want your home to be ready for spring and summer, so you’re getting a head start on cleaning, organizing, and those small remodeling projects you’ve put off since last year. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can help you find a suitable self-storage unit for the spring, and you can rent for as long as you need!

Uncovering Lost Items

As you begin cleaning and organizing, you may uncover some items that you’d forgotten you still owned. Boxes tucked in the back of the closet might have old high school photos and mementos in it, and while you want to hold onto these items, you don’t necessarily want to keep them in the house. Putting these boxes in storage can get them out of the way, but still protect them for the long-term.


There may also be items that you thought you sold or donated long ago, such as old clothes or small appliances. When you’re cleaning out your master bedroom closet or the kitchen cabinets, you might be surprised at what you find. Once these items are uncovered, you can either keep them, sell them, or donate them! If you decide to keep some things, then your self-storage unit is a great place to put them.

Storing Large Items

Your focus for the spring may be on cleaning out the bigger spaces in your home, such as the basement or the garage. When you have a big space that’s not being used, you may tend to store larger items there. You might have had appliances or furniture that needed to be kept out of the way, so naturally, you found the biggest space you could. Unfortunately, you may now have plans for those spaces, and the furniture, appliances, and other large items need to be stored elsewhere. When that happens, it’s good to have an affordable storage unit where you can deposit things for as long as you need.

Rent Storage Today

Spring doesn’t arrive until next month, but it’s never too early to rent a storage space for the season. If you’re getting a head start on cleaning, or you’re taking a few days to organize your garage or basement, then come to EZ Storage® in Detroit today. We have several locations across the greater metro area, and each storage center can provide the right option for your belongings. With monthly rental options, you can store your belongings for just the spring, or you can keep things safe and sound for the rest of the year.

Our staff members and resident managers are always happy to help however they can, and our 24/7 surveillance systems keep an eye on everything. We offer convenient access hours on every day of the year, so no matter when you want to visit your self-storage unit, you can pick things up or drop more things off.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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