Running a Food Cart This Summer?

Close up of person pushing a button on a commercial deep fryer and text "Running a food cart this summer?"

Food trucks and food carts are very popular these days, and with the ability to take their business virtually anywhere, truck and cart owners are able to do very well. Instead of running a traditional restaurant, these food vendors are able to set up on the street or in a parking lot and serve delicious cuisine to anyone who happens to walk by. People on their lunch break are often looking for something quick, and a truck or cart parked right outside their building is often too enticing to pass up.

At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we love helping small business owners succeed, and if you’re thinking of running a food cart or truck this summer, then we can help you find the ideal self-storage unit. Whether you need somewhere to store your supplies, or you’re looking for somewhere to park your cart when it’s not in use, we have the ideal space!

Plates and Utensils

dreamstime_xxl_92896757As a food vendor, you likely go through a lot of paper plates, plastic utensils, and Styrofoam take-out containers. You may want to buy these things in bulk, but you might not have the space in the cart or truck to store them. This is where a storage unit comes in handy. You can order several boxes of plates, utensils, and more, and keep them safe until you need them. With access on any day of the week, you can retrieve boxes on Sunday evening and have everything ready to go for Monday afternoon.

New Appliances

Every food truck or cart needs a reliable grill and/or oven, and if you’ve ordered new appliances, but you’re not ready to install them, then you need a safe place to store them. You’re making the upgrade so that your cooking solution is more reliable, and we can store your grill or oven until you’re ready to remove the old one and install the new model. Once you’ve done that, you may want to hold on to the old grill, in which case you can bring that to your storage unit and keep it safe until you decide what to do with it.

Storage for Your Cart

You might not have the capital to purchase and operate a full-blown food truck, but you do have the finances to run a small food cart. You’ll likely pull the cart behind your car or truck to each set-up spot, but what will you do with it when you’re not open for business? You may not have room to store it at home, and a self-storage unit can be a great alternative to parking it in your driveway. Our larger storage spaces have room for your cart, and by disconnecting the propane and taking out any perishable items, you can safely store your cart for as long as you need. With seasonality affecting food vendors so much, you may need to store your cart for a few months during the fall and winter.

If you’re opening a food cart business this year and you’re looking for suitable storage options for supplies or appliances, then come to EZ Storage® today. Our staff members will gladly answer any questions you have, and our resident managers are always happy to lend a helping hand. All of our units are available on a month-to-month basis, and you can choose between standard and climate-controlled spaces. You can access your unit on any day of the year, and you can even arrange to have deliveries made directly to your storage space.

Contact us today to learn more about our storage options. We look forward to meeting you!