Storing Newspapers and Magazines

There are many people that say that the print industry is dead, but there are still plenty of other folks out there who subscribe to magazines and newspapers on a regular basis. While you can get a lot of your news digitally these days, there’s still something to be said about sitting in your favorite […]


Clearing Things Out Before the New Year

Although you may save the majority of your “purging” for spring cleaning in March or April, clearing some things out of your house before the New Year can make your home feel less cluttered and more comfortable. At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we can help you find the perfect self-storage space for those things that […]


Opening a New Business Before the Holidays?

At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we know how busy the holiday season can be. You’re running around trying to find the perfect presents and gather all the ingredients for a holiday feast, plus the kids have school activities and concerts seemingly every night of the week. If you’re trying to start a business on top […]


Storing Your Winter Sports Equipment

If you love being outdoors during the winter, then you have most likely invested in some winter sports equipment. You might have cross country skis, snowshoes, or perhaps even a snowmobile, but whatever the case may be, you need a viable storage solution for all of your gear. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can […]


The Best Winter Storage Solutions

Winter isn’t quite here yet, but people in St. Louis know that winter weather can happen at any time once November arrives. At EZ Storage®, we love helping people find the best winter storage solutions, and if you have seasonal items that you don’t need for a few months, or you want a spot where […]


Where Will You Store Your Holiday Decorations?

We know that it’s only the beginning of November, and you’ve probably just gotten all of your holiday decorations out and put up around the house. You’ve decorated for fall, and in a few weeks (once Thanksgiving has passed), you’ll swap everything out for winter decor. You’re not thinking about where you’re going to store […]


Opening a New Gym?

Countless people around the country are crazy about fitness, and there are thousands in the Philadelphia area who undertake some type of exercise routine every day. Some go for a run outside or walk on the treadmill at home, while others lift weights in their company’s fitness center. Others are looking for that perfect gym […]


Things to Consider for Student Self-Storage

The holidays are almost here and for college students, that means semester finals followed by a break from school. Some may be traveling home to see family, while others may be preparing for a semester abroad. Whatever the case may be, there will be thousands upon thousands of students hitting the skies and the roads […]


Storing Vintage Pinball Machines

There are many people all across the country who are rediscovering the wonder of vintage pinball machines. While the machines weren’t “vintage” when these people were growing up, they’ve now reached an age where they can purchase a few machines, restore them, and set them up in their basement. Another trend that is growing in […]


Items to Donate or Toss Instead of Storing Them

If you’re thinking about renting a self-storage unit in Pittsburgh, you might already have a list of items that you’re going to put in the space. You’ve gone through each room and made an inventory of the personal possessions, furniture, and other items that will be stored, and you’re ready to begin moving things. However, […]