Spending the Summer in the City

If you’re planning to spend the summer in Pittsburgh, perhaps for a job or while you take summer classes, then your first goal is likely to find somewhere to live. Hopefully you’ve narrowed down your choices, as May is nearly over and summer will soon be here. If you’re a college student, then you’ve probably […]

Helping Your College-Age Child Find an Apartment

With the end of May approaching, college students across the country will be heading home for the summer. Now that the semester is over, they’ll be settling in at their parents’ house and maybe even picking up a part-time job to help pay for their expenses during break. As a parent, you’re excited to have […]

A Summer Away From Home

Ever since you were a child, you may have dreamed of traveling the world, seeing new places, meeting new people, and having lots of adventures. Perhaps you read stories where characters left home to find their fortune or to save another character, and from a young age, you had a longing to see the world […]

Going Camping This Summer? Here’s What You’ll Need

Camping is one of the most popular summer pastimes, and if you and your family love spending some time outside during the warmer months of the year, then you’ve likely already planned your first trip of the season. At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we can help you find the ideal self-storage unit for any […]

Packing Up Your Dorm Room

May is nearly half over, and for college students around the country, that often means the end of the spring semester is almost here, if it hasn’t already arrived. At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we’re here to provide self-storage for any student who needs to keep some things safe during summer break. If you’ve just […]

Buying New Outdoor Furniture for the Summer

At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we love the summertime, with its barbecues, pool parties, and other outdoor fun. We know that you likely have some great summer plans in the works, and if you need self-storage at all during the season, then we’d love to help you find the perfect unit. Whether you’re traveling or […]

What Do You Have the Most of?

At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we understand that there are items in your home that you need, as well as items that you want to keep, even if they’re not necessary to your daily life. In the boxes and tubs you have stored in your garage, you’ve put away items that mean something to you, […]

Your Summer Moving Timeline

Moving during the summer can make the most sense for a family since the kids are out of school and you and your spouse likely have some time off from work. At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we know how stressful moving can be, which is why it’s important to put together a timeline of […]

Have The Kids Help You Organize This Summer!

Now that May is here, your kids are likely looking forward to the beginning of summer and a break from school. They’ve worked hard in class all year, and now they’re ready for a few months away from teachers and homework. However, you likely have some projects that you’d like them to help you with […]

Visit Our New Location in Warrington!

At EZ Storage®, we’re always excited when we’re able to offer people the perfect self-storage solutions. Our four existing Philadelphia-area locations have provided exceptional storage solutions for many years, and we’re thrilled to let you know what we’ve opened a fifth location in Warrington Township! This new location offers the same exceptional storage units and […]