Taking a Fall Vacation? We Have You Covered

September has arrived, and while you may be settling into the routine of another school year or a busy workload at the office, you may still have one trip left on your schedule. You may have a wedding in another state, or you might need to use up the rest of your vacation days before […]


Putting Your Computer in Storage

You use your personal computer, whether it’s a laptop or a desktop, on a daily basis, and you rely on it for a number of purposes. It’s how you stay connected to people through email and social media (when you’re not on your phone), and it houses important files such as tax returns and family […]


Getting Your Seasonal Items Out of Storage

September is now here, and that means your attention is turning to fall weather, the upcoming holidays, and more time spent with family. If you have seasonal items in a self-storage unit, now is the time to retrieve them so you can get organized before your hectic fall schedule kicks into gear. At EZ Storage® […]


Get Your Garage Ready for Fall Storage

Fall in Philadelphia means a lot of things, from the beautiful colors of the changings leaves to the Eagles kicking off the football season. As you begin moving some things indoors, such as your lawn and garden equipment or your patio furniture, it’s important to make sure you have enough storage space for everything. The […]


Storing Your Motorcycle For the Season

September is nearly here, and in Detroit, that means the temps will soon be cooler and the time people spend outside will decrease. A few warm days might persist through the middle of the month, but if you’re someone who loves riding his or her motorcycle during the warmer times of the year, it might […]


Party Supply Storage

Running a party supply store may be a dream that you’ve had for many years, and now that you’re working towards opening your first location, your focus is on making sure you have enough supplies for your customers. You’ve been working with distributors on getting the best deals and, as your inventory increases, it’s important […]


Equipment Rental Storage

Every project that someone undertakes requires tools, whether it’s a table saw, a screwdriver, or a hammer. Some projects require large tools and equipment, and for many homeowners, they don’t own a floor sander or a skid loader. That’s where equipment rental companies come in. If you own a local rental company in Pittsburgh, you […]


Extraordinary Event Venue Storage

If you own and operate an event venue, then you know how important it is to be organized. Your job requires you to meet with people on a regular basis, and you also have to have the equipment and materials necessary to set up your venue in a short amount of time. You may have […]


Carpentry and Woodworking Storage

There are many people around the country who make a living as a carpenter or woodworker, and there are others who simply do it as a hobby. Woodworking can be a great side job, and if you’re skilled at it, you can make a decent income on crafting tables, cabinets, and other items that people […]


Storing Your Yard and Garden Equipment

August is nearly over, and for those in St. Louis, that means the end of the gardening season will soon be here. You’ve hopefully been able to harvest lots of tomatoes, summer squash, and other vegetables from your garden, but as fall approaches, your mind turns to cleaning up the yard and putting everything away. […]