organized storage in basement

Basement Organization Tips

A cluttered basement does you no good. The clutter makes it less useful as storage space since you will not be able to find anything easily. Furthermore, clutter can make access difficult if equipment such as a furnace needs to be serviced. Taking Inventory of Basement Clutter Before you actually start the work of organizing […]

Allen Edwin Homes, Michigan

Build Local, Build Michigan

As the U.S. housing market continues it’s recovery and millions of Americans find themselves searching for a new home, it’s likely few people realize the effect their potential purchase will have on the overall economy. Earlier this year, Coldwell Banker Realtors noted via Twitter that for every two houses sold, 1 job is created. For […]

packing boxes

Pack Like a Pro

Various moving approaches come with their own sets of requirements.  For relocating families, the first order of business is deciding whether to hire professional packers and movers, or to undertake the tasks themselves.  In theory, hiring pros frees you up to accomplish other moving duties like preparing your home for sale, but professional packers come […]

packing the truck for moving

Moving and Packing 101

Setting the stage for a trouble-free move starts with a few organizational tips designed to rein-in the details and cover all the bases.  Moves don’t always allow as much time as we’d like to have to prepare, but advanced planning eliminates the stress and keeps you on target meeting moving deadlines. Define Your Approach There […]

floor to ceiling shelves

Unique Household Storage Solutions

Even if you live in a big house, it can be hard to find places to stow your belongings. Homes built decades ago are not equipped for modern storage needs. Early 20th century closets, for example, were designed to hold a couple sets of work clothes and a “Sunday best” outfit – that’s it. Bathrooms […]