Find Suitable Storage for Spring

Spring is still several weeks away, but you may have already started on some projects around the house, both inside and out. You want your home to be ready for spring and summer, so you’re getting a head start on cleaning, organizing, and those small remodeling projects you’ve put off since last year. At EZ […]

When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Out Your Closets?

At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we’re here to help people find the right self-storage unit for those belongings that they want to keep, but that they don’t want taking up space in their house. These items can be furniture, appliances, clothing, and more, and when put in storage, they can be protected for as […]

Is That Item in Storage?

If you’ve ever rented a self-storage unit, then you’ve probably had the experience of looking for a certain item in the house, only to remember after hours of searching that it’s in your storage space. At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we can help you find the ideal space for your belongings, but it’s up to […]

Getting Your Stuff Out of Storage for Spring

Spring might still be several weeks away, but it’s never too early to think about what you’re going to get out of your self-storage unit once warmer weather arrives. At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we love helping people find the right storage solutions, and if you’ve rented a space with us over the winter, then […]

Which Room Needs the Most Attention?

The New Year is only a month old, but hopefully you’ve gotten into the swing of things and are enjoying 2019 so far. You’ve gone back to work after the holiday season, and the kids are back in school following winter break. You’re getting used to a routine once again, but at home and the […]

Getting Back on the Road for Work?

Now that January is coming to an end, you might be planning to get back on the road for work. You’ve enjoyed your time at home during the holiday season, and you may have spent the last few weeks getting things in order for the year ahead. It’s now time to get back out there […]

Did You Sort Through Belongings During the Holidays?

The holidays may seem like a distant memory, even though they were only a month ago. If you had family come to visit, then hopefully you enjoyed your time together and you took the opportunity to make lasting memories with your loved ones. Another thing you may have done is gone through some personal belongings […]

Planning for Storage, Part 2

In our last post, we looked at some important steps that can help you plan for self-storage. In this post, we’ll cover some more things that you can do when planning for storage. At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we’re here to make sure that your belongings are safe and sound for as long as you […]

Putting Disaster Supplies in Storage

You might not be a “doomsday prepper” per se, but if you are someone who has a plan in case of a flood, fire, or another natural disaster, then you likely have a good stash of backup supplies. You’ve purchased canned food and bottled water, and you have power and heat sources, just in case […]

Coming Back Home After Spending the Winter Elsewhere

We’ve written before about “snowbirds” and how they plan their winter vacations to warmer climates so that they can escape the cold and snow of St. Louis. If you’re one who does this, then you might look forward to coming home after a few months away, even if that’s not until the weather warms up, […]