Preparing For an Estate Sale

When helping an elderly loved one transition to a new home, such as an assisted living facility, you’ll most likely take time to go through their belongings with them, and may even help them plan an estate sale. Sifting through years of memories can be very emotional and challenging, but you know that it’s for […]


Storage During Your Transition

Moving to a new city can be an exciting and challenging experience, and getting settled can take some time, especially if you moved across the country. If you’ve recently relocated to the Pittsburgh area and are staying with friends or family while you look for a place to live, you might need a safe space […]


A Great Option for Artists and Gallery Owners

As an artist, you want to preserve and protect the work you create, and if you don’t have the space in your studio to store finished pieces, it’s important to find a space that will suffice. The same is true if you’re a gallery owner or curator – your gallery or exhibit space can only […]


Storage During Military Deployment

Signing up for military service can be one of the biggest decisions of a person’s life, and there are many reasons why a man or woman may make that decision. Perhaps they have a family history of military service, and they want to carry on that tradition, or perhaps they’re unsure what career path they […]


Store Your Patio Furniture for the Season

Even though warmer weather will soon be on its way, it may be a few months before you’re sitting outside on a regular basis, enjoying the Philadelphia sunshine. If your patio or pool furniture is taking up space in your garage or backyard shed, EZ Storage® can provide a better solution. With one of our […]


Are You Selling Items Online?

In today’s world of e-commerce, more and more people are selling things online. Everything from furniture to classic cars are bought and sold every single day, and the sellers often need a place to store larger items until the payment is processed, the items are ready to ship, or the buyer comes to pick everything […]


Store Your Heirlooms With Us!

If you have special family heirlooms that you want to be protected from dust, mold, and mildew, you need a space that’s watertight and temperature controlled. Your heirlooms might be a piece of furniture, such as a hope chest or vanity that your grandmother owned, or jewelry that has been handed down through the generations. […]


Keep Your New Business Inventory Safe in a Storage Unit

Starting a new business can be a risky endeavor, but the satisfaction of owning your own company, creating your own products, and connecting with customers can be a great reward. There are many things you need to do to start a new business, and once you have inventory, you need a place to keep it […]


Ideal for Real Estate Staging

As a real estate agent, your job requires you to manage multiple properties and get them ready to sell. You want to connect potential buyers with the perfect home, and if you’re showing them model homes, it’s important for the house to be perfectly staged. You spend weeks picking out furniture and decor to place […]


Packing Safely for Storage

You’ve made the decision to rent a self-storage unit, and now you’re faced with the task of packing your belongings. Some things might already be in boxes, and while it may be easiest to leave them where they are, they might not be packed safely enough for storage. Opening each one and taking inventory of […]