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Transporting Heavy Boxes and Items

Posted on 2020-08-05

We’ve all had to move heavy items at one time or another, and we all probably felt a little stressed about how we were going to move those boxes and tubs up and down the stairs or from the house to the car or moving truck. At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we know how […]

Using Storage for the Long-Term

Posted on 2020-07-28

For many people, renting a self-storage unit is a short-term solution while they move or remodel. They just need a space for a few months while they settle into their new home or finish updating their current house. At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we can help you find the right unit for however long […]

Getting Rid of Things in the Garage This Summer

Posted on 2020-07-10

Summer is a time for outdoor fun, and the garage is often the place where all of the bikes, skateboards, lawn games, and other outdoor equipment is stored. You may also have a storage shed for some of these things, but if you’ve discovered that things are starting to get a bit cluttered, it could […]

What Storage Spaces Does Your House Have?

Posted on 2020-06-24

When you moved into your house, one of the first things you likely did was start putting things away and organizing each room. You relied on the storage spaces in your home to keep every room neat and tidy, as well as provide a safe spot for important items such as family heirlooms. At EZ […]

Getting Boxes and Tubs Ready for Storage

Posted on 2020-06-13

For a majority of people who use self-storage, the most popular choices for storage containers are cardboard boxes and plastic tubs. Cardboard boxes are often inexpensive and easy to find, and plastic tubs and totes are easy to carry and stack. At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we have a variety of storage unit sizes, […]

Summer Cleaning Checklist

Posted on 2020-06-05

At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we know that you may have just gotten done with your spring cleaning in May, and perhaps you’ve cleared out lots of clutter that was taking up valuable space in your home. However, we all know that a clean house doesn’t stay clean forever, and that it takes constant […]

Cleaning Out Clutter at Home

Posted on 2020-05-28

With people spending more time at home during these past few months, many have been looking for ways to clean out clutter and create more living space for themselves and their families. If you’re one of those people who has been going through each room, trying to get rid of things, then EZ Storage® in […]

The Ultimate Self-Storage Checklist For New Tenants

Posted on 2020-05-18

Don’t underestimate these tried and true tips when renting a new storage unit in St. Louis! Renting a storage unit is a pretty easy process, but it’s important to be educated and know a little about self-storage if you’ve never embarked on it before. This way you have a great experience and protect your belongings. […]

Getting The Basement Ready for Summer

Posted on 2020-05-08

In our previous post, we talked about getting the garage ready for summer. Today, we’ll talk about another popular spot during the summer — the basement. When the temperature outside begins to push towards triple digits, the basement can be the perfect retreat. It’s cool, it’s spacious, and there are all sorts of things you […]

Getting Your Garage Ready for Summer

Posted on 2020-04-30

If you’re someone who loves working in the garage during the summer, then it’s important to make sure the space is ready for the season. All winter long, you put things in the garage for safekeeping, and now that spring is here, you may have started to go through those boxes and tubs. If not, […]